Oh holy, oh holy night...

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A few days before Mother and Father's Christmas show at their church, they ask me to come sing in their choir. The people that do still come to sing in their church choir are really terrible, especially the men. Of course very few people these days are still willing to parttake in church choirs, so they have to make do with what they have.

Oh holy, oh holy night...

Now they want Harrison and me to come sing too; Harrison with the tenors and me with the basses, so that the other members of the choir can hear the two of us sing correctly and then sing along better.

I didn't particularly want to, but later decided to just go to help Father and Mother.

Dominee Dandylion wrote a script for the Christmas program, that takes a look at where Christmas originates from along with all its traditions. It was quite a refreshing angle, because as you know churches usually just tell the Christmas tale of Jesus Christ's birth over and over and over again at these occasions.

But Dominee Dandylion's program traces back for example where Santa Clause comes from, all the way to a Bishop Saint Nicolas.

Unfortunately some of the people who perform in the show are very inhibited and amateur, and not one bit talented entertainers. They really do a terrible job.

A 15 year old Hanky for example was put in the show because his mother insisted, in order to build his self confidence or something. He is supposed to sing "When a child is born", but he simply doesn't sing, he just mutters along off key with the CD (Harrison made him a backtrack but Hanky sang so poorly that they just decided he must sing with a recording of whomever artist performed that track), and pulls his face asif he's feeling it but he just looks ridiculous. Might as well have dropped the whole thing, but as stated, voluntary performers for church shows are scarce and the pickings slim.

Harrison and his two little girls also sing a number together. This was rather cute, although the two girls also stopped performing halfway and were either too shy or just lost interest.

Still, the atmosphere and spirit of the evening was quite enjoyable. I enjoy taking it all in and the singing in the choir.

Quite an enjoyable evening.

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