Ode To Sow Thistle

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Introducing! Sow Thistle! From East Texas! I'm ready to tell the tale of the sow thistle and the conundrum it brought into our life's and minds. What a riddle it was indeed.

Where The Sow Thistle Grows

Where the sow thistle grows, cats gather underneath it wondering what the heck it is. My husband mowed around this strange beauty at my request. It stood there for weeks sometimes in full bloom and on other occasions it simply stood there with a sphere of seeds just like a dandelion. The flowers are even yellow, but this is no dandy lion, mind you. It's all sow thistle.

Oh, the spectacle it was indeed. Family members compared it to the bean stalk Jack grew. There must have been an angry giant in a sky scraper shaking his fists. He was pacing around the castle chanting," Fee - Fi- Fo-Fum, I sense a gardener who sympathizes with weeds " Yes, it was an eye sore to a few beholders, but this lucky mama thought it was just glorious!

It's beautiful and it grew in our yard! If one of us has been blessed, we've all passed the test! If you're happy and you know it let the weeds grow! This is my mantra. As you can imagine, in my world there are no ugly plants. I may have used the word playfully, but weeds don't exist. There's nothing more amazing than the grace with which odd greenery shoots up out of seemingly nowhere. To make my day, send me a bouquet of the finest wild flowers the back woods has to offer. Happiness is just a sow thistle away!

Why? Oh why, oh why? Nature although it frustrates a lot of folks, entices ma. It puts a skip in my do-da! What on earth is a do-da. Well, you know, it's the song you sing when you're working on the farm. All I'm lacking are a few chickens. Someday they will arrive in a truck load and my son will build them a Paris Hilton inspired chicken coop. All the Hollywood stars will be jealous. As for ole sow thistle, it's seen better days. It's falling over and must be chopped down.

And A Cat Asks What Is It

I thought you might want to see how the cats reacted. I thought it might be funny to title the picture, Cat Thistle. My sense of humor gets up early in the morning. Butterscotch spent early Sunday trying to figure out what it was.

"What is it , mama?"

Mama Answers :

It's a sow thistle.

" Will it eat me?"

No, Butterscotch Pudding Pop, it won't eat you even with a name like yours.

"What does it do?"

It just stands there.

"Like a statue? "

Like a statue with roots.

"Oh, it sure is weird."

Mama wants to know.

How so?

"Mom, have you seen it?"

Mother Answers:


"Enough said."


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
24th May 2015 (#)

Nice take Nancy. Rural living is fascinating for city folks but more are still flocking to cities - siva

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