Ocean's Discharge

Karen Nolan Rose By Karen Nolan Rose, 21st Nov 2013 | Follow this author | RSS Feed
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How do you feel about the environment and keeping our oceans clean? This article may change your mind and make you think twice about leaving your garbage on the beach.


How do you feel about nature? Do you feel it is every person’s responsibility on this earth to help keep our environment clean?

Today on my daily five to eight mile walk, I witnessed my interpretation of nature returning debris and immense garbage dumped into it, or nature at least, made an attempt of making human beings aware of their own selfish negligence. The human body has many ways of ridding itself from pollutants such as bacteria in the colon, (we all know how that happens), dust in our noses or airways, too much fluid consumed or even something as simple as a sliver in our finger. Everyone recognizes, hopefully, when a sliver gets under the skin, how it feels. It festers up until either the victim pokes at it with a needle or the sliver spews out on its own, over time with pus surrounding the sliver.

Well, it appears that our beautiful vast ocean along the East coast, called upon multiple Atlantic Hurricanes and vast storms to infect it with a powerful force to spin and boil pollutants from it’s core and spit it back out at us. My eyes could not believe the plastic bottles (so much for recycling), plastic caps from plastic bottles that weren’t recycled, toothbrushes, band aids, towels, shirts, washcloths, socks, one shoe, many parts of toys, and worst of all, a mountain of cigarette butts. It broke my heart to see this drastic devastating disrespect for our beautiful earth. When I spoke with a few people today about my observation, the answer was diverse. Some displayed disgust at the ugliness of garbage along our shore and when I showed one person walking away from the beach, a plastic bottle laying on the ground next to a pair of garbage cans and even one bottle laying on top, her response to me was, “It gives someone a job, I didn’t put it there.” It is my hope and prayer that this is not the opinion of too many people and furthermore, I would rather see people hired for other reasons then cleaning the desecration of our beautiful earth. We are all responsible for keeping this beautiful gift called Earth, clean and healthy for the next generations to come. Hope that the pictures stike a nerve to make some of you want to make a change.

Look at the pictures and please do your part to keep our environment clean. Bring your own ashtray and throw away your own garbage, it should be that simple.


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