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In the past centuries Many scientist have more or less started their own Religion. Lately it seems, that once again there are some who think they are so intelligent for observing data and coming up with explanations; mankind will forget about GOD! All the documented details from 1920 to 2012 show their statements have no grounds. They have done more to prove the universe is sentient GOD! So what will they think of next?

The Innocent

The Innocent stepped forward, wearing only conviction for armor. Their faith gave them the strength they would need to deal with this task. As the collective forces raced toward them they reached out as if to embrace a loved one and spoke four words; " LET THERE BE PEACE " ! In the instant; those few, who had not become one with the sand, were left groveling, face down! The technology of many nations sat motionless, crumpled, or burning. They spoke once more. We came to you as lambs for the slaughter and now have returned your offering.

What God do you serve?

My parents Joseph and Elisabeth introduced me to him at a very young age. I call him father. Then I met my brother Jesus. And the spirit was with me before that. My theology is simple, the universe is God and we are all a part, whether we accept it or not. We are all brothers and sisters and should do our best to help one another with out interference of choice.

What is your religion?

I was taught that religion is how you live your life by a chosen discipline. My chosen discipline is to do my best to be a positive human. My study of God and man have brought me to an opinion that humanity has many different concepts of the same entity. My experience with humanity has taught me to expect disappointment but hope for the best out come.

How may I know God ?

I know God by creation and how every part of it has a purpose. The miracle of life is every where I look. When I give thanks happiness fills me. When I ask for guidance a path is shown to me. When I listen to Steven Hawkins say how far science has come, I crack up and laugh. And he is not alone. There are others who perpetuate Intellectual blindness as well. Of course my opinion might be worth less, if they could answer more questions about the planet they live on. Wait I just remembered, if they can't see the deepest part of the ocean with their own eyes it probably doesn't exist.

Hadrons and Quarks

I was watching a program the other night about the ever increasing vastness of the universe. There was one particular point made about Hadrons and Quarks; of how they are a part of everything. They are resonating with finite frequencies of energy, always changing like music. They are a smaller part of particles witch are in more than one place at the same time but can only be seen when you try to look at them. This sounds like god to me. I don't know! Maybe I'm just a nut!

The Omniverse

So our universe is first a piece of land. Second the center of every thing. Third a solar system. Fourth a Galaxy full of solar systems. Fifth a finally quantitative Universe full of endless galaxies that we are unable to see yet. Sixth if we manage to keep from self extermination; science may find a way to see past our expanding universe and find an other Universe expanding toward this one. Then we'll need a new term; maybe the Omniverse!

We all have to make our own choices!

I am still using royalty free pictures from Google Images. I am doing my best to base my articles on my own opinion without trying to coerce others to my way of thinking. I am meeting more writers here at wikinut every day who are helping me to become a better author.
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author avatar Denise O
14th Oct 2012 (#)

My whole belief system can be summed up very briefly and it seems to irk some but here goes, I wake up everyday trying to be the best person I can, not always succeeding but, always trying. I have learned not to go it alone on earth, when in need or doubt God is whom I turn to. I am really an uncomplicated person. I also feel that, if you write about 'your' beliefs then write it out. Will some not like you for it, well yes but, in the long run, is their intolerance worth you not being you. Nice read. Thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar DuitByJames
16th Oct 2012 (#)

Thank You Denise O, I try to spend more time listening than speaking, because my brain doesn't seam to organize things in a normal manner. My reason for writing is to deal with my feelings and leave a part of myself open for the world to see. There are many people I will never have enough quality time with and this is the best way I can think of showing I care. I just try to duit the best I can. I believe asking for help is a way of giving when done properly.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
15th Oct 2012 (#)

Thanks for the thought provoking share, James. The concept of the whole - what is universe - is beyond us at least for the time being. Science and belief will never meet. We should have the spirit of inquiry all the time but we can never know. When we worry about what will happen to us after our passing, where were we before taking birth here? We can all have our beliefs but none has seen God; that does not mean He does not exist. But it could well be destined we will never know. When we shed our ego, we realize the oneness of humanity. When we allow love to trump hate, we are nearer to reality - siva

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author avatar DuitByJames
16th Oct 2012 (#)

thank You Siva, from reading your articles it seams our realities are very similar. I tend to think of understanding through experience as the best way to know we are unable to comprehend what has always been. If I share my cup is always being refilled.

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author avatar vpaulose
5th Nov 2012 (#)

Interesting Omniverse. Thank you dear James.

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author avatar DuitByJames
5th Nov 2012 (#)

Good to hear from you vpaulose

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author avatar DuitByJames
5th Nov 2012 (#)

Do you think I was too sarcastic about the scientist? I respect them in regard to their acheavment

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author avatar DuitByJames
5th Nov 2012 (#)

achievement in science, but believe they are trying to fabricate something to have faith in when it is right in front of them.

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author avatar sukkran
22nd Aug 2013 (#)

wonderful post james. thanks for a meaningful and interesting read. i love it.

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