No Time For Love

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A small article on relationships.This article tells us about how relationships really work and how love is becoming extinct day by day !


Why do we get to hear of so many divorce cases in America these days?Well,impatience ,is the answer .In today’s world all that matters is time and money.Hence ,no time for love.The fact of the matter is that 99% of us don’t fall in love but get infatuated.Its this infatuation that blinds us and we fail to realize whether we are compatible with the person or not.And when we realize, its too late.Certainly we are all impatient creatures who don’t wait to fall in love and even if we come across the right person we don’t have the time to know him better and better.All we want is sexual satisfaction and therefore we try to adjust to the person whose body fulfills our desires.We get overwhelmed by sexual charm that lames our reasoning .Its similar to loosing all sense of reality and living in fantasy .
There are many husbands or boyfriends(especially Americans)who spend time sex-chatting with strangers on sites like Omegle in the absence of their wives or girlfriends and vice versa.Do they lead a happy love life ?Can we call it a commitment ?What they fail to realize is that by doing so they insult their spouses as well as themselves.Now-a-days even people of the developing countries have started cybering.This culture is spreading like wildfire endangering ” love “.Does sex overpower love or its the other way round ?
Majority of the couples in USA get divorced within five to six years of their marriage and their children face its consequences .They spend a pitiful childhood with one of their parents and don’t know what it is to have both of them together.Hence,the USA is not considered to be a favourable country for raising children.This happens just because of the lack of parental knowledge.Most people are unaware of the fact that parenthood is all about sacrificing ones extensive carnal desires.
A relationship based on infatuation can never be long-lasting.Love cant exist in the presence of greed and extreme sexual desire.Love should lead to sex and not vice versa .

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