No Need For Papers

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Why do so many want to get adopted and expect the family they live in to sign papers or else they get mad. They shouldn't always have to do this

No Need For Papers

Why are their kids out there who like a family but don't always want to stay there because the family didn't want to sign papers?

My aunt, who is a foster parent, had so many people that they lived with her and had been exchanged each time. Although, there was one kid who had stayed with her the most and she wanted to get adopted. My aunt agreed and she wanted to but she thought twice, she had to say no.

The girl got mad and left without letting my aunt explain it to her. She didn't want to adopt her due to the fact that my aunt and her family won't get help from the government anymore so she wanted to tell her that. They mention to the kid that she doesn't need adoption papers just to be officially part of the family, it depends on how she takes the family, did she love them, did she appreciate them, did she like spending time with her? If she would have answered yes, then she would be an official part of the family to us.

I have had another cousin who was the same and he mentioned that he has never had his dad sign adoption papers. He was in the family since he was 3 1/2 and is still with us at the age of 18 1/2 and he still considers us as his family as well to us to him. He calls his dad, dad and not by his name and he mentioned that he didn't need any adoption papers to sign just because he wanted to be an official part of the family. He mentioned that if he already can consider us as his family without papers to sign, why sign papers, he enjoys us and we all consider him as our cousin, to some, nephew or others, an uncle, etc. I guess some people are different though.


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