Nine Common Problems That Break a Good Relationship

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Even great relationship has its own flaws, here are some reasons why most relationship fails.

Nine Common Problems that breaks a good relationship

The saying money is the root of all evil may not be true but in most cases money is the cause of disagreement between people.
Even in relationships money plays an important role that make or break the family. When people have different upbringing they are often have different ways in handling money and so disagreement arises.

Work status sometimes create a big hole in a relationship, its like when the woman is career wise and the man has a jack-ass attitude and vise versa, most often it gives a gap on a relationship. Diversity and ethnic difference also affect work attitude and thus mar a good relationship.

Job Loss
Loosing our beloved job is very hard and much harder when it starts to create havoc on your steady relationship. A sudden job loss change people attitude that gradually affect his dealing to people even to his better half especially if its your family’s bread and butter.

Sex and Romance
Sex is one of the main ingredient of a good relationship yet it is also one of the most messed topics especially of a husband and wife. They often hide sexual problems to each other at the start of their relationship and gradually reveal it at the course of their marriage. Sexual problems are often the reason why marriages are being broken.

The most hated topic of both parties yet the main reason why most people broke. Infidelity exist and nobody can deny that. Statistically speaking a lot of broken relationship and marriage were due to infidelity of either party.

Stress is a part of life, it can extremely damage the relationship without us knowing it. Peer pressure, work issues, money matters and health condition can cause stress and gradually affect our way of dealing to our love ones.

Addictive Behavior
Being drug dependent is harmful especially in a relationship, people under the possession of drugs or alcohol has no stable mind condition and can do things that could harm their partner especially when provoke. Stress plus drug or alcohol addiction equals a living hell.

Domestic Violence
The infamous crime – families especially wives are too ashamed to talk to and reveal truth. Domestic violence is an aggressive behavior of one partner towards another. Something that should really be solved.

Irritating Habits
Leaving the toilet seat up, personal hygiene, food issues, leaving a mess in any part room and squeezing the toothpaste tube from the middle have become the classic examples of irritating habits that frequently cause couple to throw negative lines between each other.


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author avatar smoothoperator
3rd Aug 2010 (#)

You could not have written it better. Great Job!!!

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author avatar djmarion
4th Aug 2010 (#)

thank you very much for the good feedback

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author avatar drelayaraja
3rd Aug 2010 (#)

Wonderful share.

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author avatar djmarion
4th Aug 2010 (#)

thank you drelayaraja, i will follow you :)

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author avatar Retired
10th Aug 2010 (#)

all of these are so true. Keep on writing.

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author avatar djmarion
11th Aug 2010 (#)

thanks rebecca :)

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author avatar LOVERME
14th Oct 2010 (#)

all these have been said a million times over here
now hear
ie uuuuuuu MY DEAR
so do try and endear

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author avatar Denise O
29th Apr 2011 (#)

This article is so true at this point and time in America. Money problems in this atmosphere can make or break a couple. My husband and I have had our fair share these last few years and I can honestly say, it has made us stronger. If we were younger, I just don't know if I would be able to say the same. My husband just experienced a job loss this last month, his first in 2 decades. It was short lived as he has already found one but, it has put a toll on us, financially. As far as the little things like, him belching, picking his teeth and what have ya, all go out the window when you have a strong foundation. Nice read. Thank you for sharing.:)

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