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Parents should find out innovative ways to bond with their kids. And NightArt can help. It is a unique drawing canvas that keeps artwork illuminated, perfect for kids of all ages.


I have two rambunctious boys. They are happiest outside, in the dirt or sandbox. They love finding bugs, especially worms. They love tractors and all things with engines. They can barely sit still, always running around. However, I am planning on buying them a NightArt illuminating Art screen for several reasons.

Kid's activities and NightArt

I love being creative and want them to experience the same thing. I want them to discover their imagination while drawing on the screen. I am sure that it will be mostly tractor pictures at first but I hope that they expand their creativity and come up with some new artwork.

NightArt is a clean way to discover art. There are no paints to spill or Play Doh to rub into the carpet.

I think that they will love the bright lights, bringing their artwork to life. Each picture from NightArt looks amazing basking in the bright light. I think that they will enjoy changing the colors. I can’t wait to see their expression when we turn on the light.

NightArt does not take up much space. Except when they are drawing on it, NightArt hangs on the wall. It is the size of a slim LED television screen.


NightArt is a perfect way to experience art and creativity without the mess. It also will not take up space like typical art supplies. It can hang on the wall, when you are not using it. It is perfect for all children (and adults), no matter what their age is. Be sure to check it out at:


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10th May 2014 (#)

Thanks for this information. Have to check on this further - siva

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