Negligent Mom - Neglected Kids

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A 31 year old woman is facing a number of charges after making some bad choices. Her infant children were found alone in their unlocked rat-infested apartment.

Negligent Mom - Neglected Kids

A thirty-one-year-old Philadelphia woman is charged with drug violations and reckless child endangerment.
This drug abuser was the passenger in a car that police had stopped more than 10 blocks away from her rented apartment. She was detained when police officers determined she was wanted on fraud charges in suburban Lansdale. She was also charged with carrying illegal narcotics.
The question that came to my mind when I first read about it was, where is the parent or parents of this woman? Does she have any one that truly cares for her? What about the father or fathers of her two children? What got her into this drug abuse that ultimately led to this stage of her life? Did she hate herself and her life so much that she just jumped on this road to destruction? Is this another case of making a bad choice? She had to tell somebody that her kids were home alone. She told the police.
officers. They went to her apartment and indeed the babies were home alone in an unclean, unsafe, unlocked, dirty filthy environment and unprotected. Her apartment was in a "deplorable" condition which was also infested with rats.
What I wonder about this now is, Who all knew this before the officers went there? Did the landlord who must have known that the apartment was such a condition care nothing about his tenants and his rental property? Did she have a Social worker or did she live in Public Housing under the city responsibility? Who was responsible for this property that she is renting?
There seemed to be a lot of neglect going on in the life of this mother who is a drug abuser as well as a negligent mom in the lives of her two children.
Investigators said the infant children, ages 1 and 3, both boys were not physically harmed and are now in the custody of the Department of Human Services. What will be the mental effects?
When children are living in a "deplorable" condition and are left alone in a rat infested apartment, the responsibility goes beyond this mother. Those who she interacted with, her boy friends, her parents, her social workers and even the community churches, all are guilty to a degree and share a part in this mother's degrading life. Some one should have stepped up to the plate long before now and before the second kid was born. The buck should have stopped before a second mistake was made.
Now it seems to me, many of us turn our heads and look the other way because it may cost us something. The police made an arrest. The children are now deprived of their parent. The negligent mom and her two neglected, innocent children have fates unknown.


Bad Choices, Bad Parenting

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