Name and Expectation

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Please be thoughtful giving the child's name because the name means a lot for one's identity and become a burden which carried by a person in their whole life.

Name and Expectation

Do you have a friend who's name is difficult to spelled because weird writing, often ridiculed because it means embarrassing or hard to remember because it is very long? Or maybe it is your own experience?
It is quite often found in our daily life. I do not know what's in the mind of the parents who have a child with a weird name, difficult to spelled, too long, and so on. For me personally, as parents we have to be responsible and serious in thinking about our child's name because they will bear it for their whole life. Giving someone's name cannot be just looks cool, unique but have no meaning. Don't also have a bad meaning or have too perfect meaning just because it match the tastes of the elderly. In this case, I do not agree with the opinion of the famous Shakespeare, "What's in a name" because the name means a lot for one's identity.
I once heard a story from a friend who said there was a tradition in certain communities that provide the child's name with a negative meaning in order that happened to their child is the opposite. For example, according to what they believe, if a boy is given the name Lucky, then he will experience much "loss" in his fate, or a girl named Princess will acting like Devil and vice versa. A strange tradition, but maybe there is an acceptable reason, for example it sounds ridiculous found some inmates for severe cases who has name Jesus or any other holy figures which certainly be ridicule by people because the name that does not match the behavior of the owner and destructive the imaging of the figure. Of course we also do not want to have a cool name but it means embarrassing such as Monkey, Lump Head, and so on resulting in the owner's name being ridicule materials.
Another case is having a name with a complex writing is also not fun because it can cause confusion in the affairs of important papers due to errors in typing the name by the officer who found it unusual. Like for example the name with the 2 or 3 consonants or vowels are coupled. For example, the name on the birth certificate is Marceau, while there is a typo in the passport which its owner didn't notice it immediately, written Marcaeu. Then it is known later by the immigration officer at the airport in a foreign country, for example, this could be problematic and complicate the owners.
In Javanese culture, one of the tribes in Indonesia, an archipelago country in Southeast Asia, there is also belief that children who are often sick or people who often suffer misfortune probably caused by giving a name that does not fit to them or too heavy for them. So they held the renaming ceremony, which also means changing some important papers that have already been officially released such as birth certificates, diplomas and forth in the district court, which certainly need some costs.
Similarly, in some other countries, there are even government who issued a formal ban on naming children with certain names that even mention in official full list written. Parents who use these illegal names will be fined or punished.
So, parents, please be thoughtful giving the child's name. Do not give bizarre name, just to looks cool and unique but the meaning is embarrassing the child or even has no meaning at all. But don't also give the name with too high expectation or very long name as it is considered as a prayer or expectations of parents on the child otherwise it become a burden for the children who carry the name.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
21st Oct 2012 (#)

Names change like fashion. Even the name Shakespeare sounds funny, but might not have at that time. Western surnames are also funny at times like everywhere else. Fashions change! Thanks for the share - siva

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author avatar Krismawati
21st Oct 2012 (#)

You're welcome.

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