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The day she was born when I first set eyes on her was the happiest and joyful day to be introduce to my granddaughter. I was a proud grandmother. I have spread the news contacting family friends to share with them all that I became a grandmother to a one pound baby girl. Tears of joy, tears of sadness.

Important Memorable Dates and times

December 23, daughter went into early premature labor. Six months before her newborn baby due date. When my daughter came to me to share the good news that she was pregnant and I was gone to be a grandmother, tears of joy just poured out of my eyes, I can remember precisely that day when daughter shared the news with my husband and I. We both were so happy for her. She and her husband has been trying to have a baby for two years.

I kept encouraging my daughter that it will happen in the Lord's time. Within those two years my son-in-law and daughter were trying, my husband and I never stopped praying. Then when we got wing of the news that she finally pregnant, the expression I noticed on her face was the expression of relieve. Daughter did everything according to following doctors instructions during her pregnancy. Never missed a doctors appointment. Ultra sounds doctors taken all look fine. So we thought nothing of it that could of caused her to go into premature labor.

However, her husband attitude changed when daughter shared the news with him that they were gone to be parents. Arguments, disagreements of who the father is. Son-in-law behaved like a immature human being. Impressions he left on my husband and I that he was not quite ready to be a father. In face he have spurted out to my husband and I in his own words that he made it very clear that he did not want any children. He sated; he only gave my daughter what she wanted, that was to be a mother. To this day, we believe that our son-law had a great impact on our daughter's premature labor. He has put so much stress on her with his accusations, bickering, and he was so demanding. Son-in-law gave us the impression he did not want the child.

She carried her unborn child up to 28 weeks. The day she went into premature labor she was in the bathroom doing her morning grooming getting ready to head on out to work. All of sudden I heard her scream and running down the steps. I ran to her asking what is the matter? I helped her to the sofa for her to sit down. Her husband was present and daughter shared with me that she was bleeding and felt something was wrong. So I explained to her husband that she is in labor. "Oh, she can't be, he said. The baby is not due for six more months. Well, I responded back, your wife went into premature labor, we need to call an ambulance. Why are you having a big fuss over this? Fact I am a Christian, I cannot and I will not repeat what his response was after I grab the phone and called the ambulance. When the ambulance arrived, the EMT"s gave me this stare in my eyes, when I knew he was official that my daughter was in premature labor.

As the EMT"s were transfering her onto the stretcher, the female EMT taken me aside to tell me that the baby may not live. I was speechless. How does a mother tell her daughter after her trying for two years to get pregnant that she is gone to loose her baby. Upon her arrival to the hospital, my husband and I followed behind the ambulance and when we arrive to the hospital we were directed to the Labor and delivery waiting room. What seems like hours waiting to hear any news, was the longest waiting I ever sit in a waiting room. Few minutes later, a nurse did come to us to give us an update. According to the nurse they have taken administer and IV and medicine in the IV in hope to stop her labor pains. We were at the hospital the whole entire day.

December 24, 2001, after sitting in the labor and delivery room over night, we fell asleep, the nurse walked over, waken us up to give us another update, The have taken your daughter to the emergency operating room. Daughter has to have an emergency C-section for her unborn baby is in distress. I didn't know how to respond so I prayed, I prayed. Four hours later, we were able to see our daughter. As we walked in the room she had tears flowing from her eyes, "Mom, she asked, will my baby girl be okay? All I could say, we have to believe and have faith and trust her in God's hands. Finally, we were able to see our one pound granddaughter. The nurse instructed us over to the wash area to scrub up, we had to scrub up with a red dye that looked like iodine, put on yellow scrubs, blue coverings over our shoes, turn off our cell phones, I left my cell phone in daughters room, wear masks over our faces before we enter the NICU, When we were finally got to see our granddaughter, she was hooked up to all these machines which are called her life support to keep her alive. Every day she lived was a miracle. We called our Pastor and asked him to come in to christen our little tiny granddaughter. The fact that our daughter was out of it she signed over the power of attorney to us to make whatever decision we needed to make for the welfare of our granddaughter's health.

She was named Kristen. Doctors said, she don't believe Kristen would live over night. Here thirteen days she lived. Doctors have done all they could have done to keep her alive but her tiny body was rejecting the treatments the doctors tried. Sunday, we received the call for the doctor request for all the family to be there to discuss our granddaughter's health. His advice after sharing with us that they have done all they could do, so it was time to make a choice to remove granddaughter from her life support. That is what was keeping her alive without it, she would died sooner. I never want to make a decision like that again, or even play God. We talked it over with our pastor, we prayed and prayed. The decision fell in our lap because they have found our daughter incompetent. She had a nervous break down after the doctor shared with her the news why she went into premature labor, it was the stress, what we were not aware of until that day, that her husband gave her STD's, some how the sack broke and the STD"S traveled into the sack to the baby.

It was hard to say goodbye and she was taken from us way to early. It wasn't until a year after our granddaughter passing to where I understood, why God decide to take her home. Part of the arguments that daughter and her husband had with one another they didn't want a daughter, they were hoping for a son. I do believe my daughter wanted the baby but her husband didn't. It caused a lot of chaos between them both. I got to hold my granddaughter in my arms as they were removing her life support. As I was holding her I leaned over to whisper in her ear it is okay to go with the angels that came to come to take home so follow the light. The nurse administered Morphine into her IV as they were removing her life support she would not have no pain but as I whispered in her tiny ear she opened her eyes and glazed right into mine like she was assuring me, Grandma, I am gone to be alright. After she taken her final breath, God send us a sign to assure us that she arrived in heaven safe. The sign that God send, the first snow started to lay, husband and I and pastor walked over to the window and I could of sworn I saw the angel holding my granddaughter in her arms. Kristen went home, and three years later my daughter and her husband had their two sons, and Kristen was forgotten about. Every year on her birthday, December 24, I light a candle because I promised my granddaughter I won't ever forget her or forget the special precious memories we created in the thirteen days she lived.


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Congrats few seasons away, wth the schedule wedding of my daughter next year.

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