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I have been to so many funerals and wakes, that I do not believe in them anymore. I believe in a cheerful acceptance of reality no matter what "bad" or "good" it brings. Because I genuinely feel the best way to approach anything, even life or death is with patience, understanding and tolerance. It will be an interesting set of ideas for you to read and me to write is all I am saying.


I accept that there is more to reality than meets the eyes or the senses. The obvious vibration is not the final vibration there is, if you get what I mean already. If reality was simple cut and dried life and death, then we would all be in trouble. One-dimensional finality would make things too simple, and finite.

Recently I had a couple of deaths happen, my cousin Leon died this February, 2015 in Northern Louisiana at my Aunt's house peacefully, and a friend of mine name Phil died in a rest home after numerous health problems. It is a funny thing, but these events brought back haunting memories of past deaths, and lives that have crossed my path and paths. Although I did not let these events get me down, they put some thought into me about my own reality. I seriously thought about going to the funeral of my friend Phil, but I thought to myself that I would get my feelings out in an article instead, not view another dead body or openly mourn or feel too sad.

So, I accept it all and give the situation love and thought, but I will not and cannot let myself sink into the old "life sucks, and death is final" depths i used to sink into with the first few funerals of family and friends that I went to.

My opinion and reality is that consciousness is energy and I accept that fact. With that fact, I accept that energy is an immortal vibration, it may change, but it does not stop existing, really. So, this saying comes to mind: Clairvoyance is vibratory. Yes, sensing clairvoyant things is vibratory, like a television or a radio picks up invisible waves out of the air, really. Indeed, I was thinking about that fact seriously and the reality that everything changes and never really dies sort of crept up on me with that one, So, I accept the reality that everything is energy, if nothing else. Sure that is a simple conclusion to this section, but can I say anymore here?

Life, Death, and where they unite in the reality outside of opinion

No matter what we think happens, there is always a reality outside of all opinions and conjecture. Last night before I wrote this article, I read the introduction to "The Law of Success" course by Napoleon Hill, and thought of Alexander Graham Bell's words on the science of vibration, and realized no matter what opinion we may generate reality is always beyond it.

Sure, we can think and judge for ourselves, but all judgement we literally do without getting all the facts is a fantasy really. That is what all unseen vibrations that we do not understand yet show. It is almost like William Shakespeare in "Hamlet" and "Star Trek" said about the undiscovered country, only way more amazing when we understand the full implications of the reality that we only sense so little of what is really happening. Can we ever know and understand everything? Possibly. Although there are limits to basic knowledge, what is advanced can ultimately be mastered only through full context understanding and mastery of what counts. That, I believe is the genuine role of evolving knowledge. Also, knowledge is not an end, but the genuine and working action upon that knowledge is an end where it unites in the reality outside of mere opinion and speculation.[

Everything is mere opinion and speculation outside the pure reality of things. That is the point, the bottom line, and where it counts at. All else is polemic or just a useless argument.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
28th Aug 2015 (#)

There is no escaping death, we can just hope it is not painful and that we can have a good life prior. And that we can make life good for others.

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author avatar brendamarie
28th Aug 2015 (#)

I agree with Mark, we all hope, that we do some good in the world. Death is something we all know, is going to come. I hope, it's painless.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
28th Aug 2015 (#)

Thought provoking, I wrote a piece that we are hitting a wall because we do not know what life is about. And to think there are many gods is silly as there can be only one creator - we take Him to be like us trying to take down his opponents!

I am sad when a child leaves before his/her time; when an elderly person passes it is par for the course, moving on to the next stage - natural process. I cannot forget the words of a friend of my father who passed away over forty years ago - " I have told my family to celebrate my death; have a beer and laugh at my faults"! I echo his sentiments - siva

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author avatar JoshuaClayton
28th Aug 2015 (#)

Wild, that is just the kind of discussion I wanted about this article.

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