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These are just some poems I'VE have written through life experiances

My Inspiration

You are such an inspiration, everything you say, everything you do, anything good inside me, it actually come from you.
You're someone I look up to when I'm am feeling down,even in my troubled times,
you never seem to get mad.
You are so smart, more than I can ever be.
I get touched every time you talk to me,
I'm at my final act of desperation, but I'm okay, because you're my inspiration.

I'll Stand Alone

I will stand alone inside the rain in my little square of hope.
My heart will ache with pain, but IT believe it will be able to cope.
Someday, someone will come pick me up, to smile and point at the sun
feeling the warm that it brings.
I will stand alone inside the sun, in my colored square of hope,
the scorching sun will steam me but IT believe that I will be able to cope.
Someday, somebody will say hello and pat me on the back.
I will stand alone inside the hail, in my little patch of hope.
My mind will fail to think freely, but IT believe IT will be able to cope.
Someday, someone will beside me to cry with me
I just don't like to be alone.

My Little Angel

Sometimes angels aren't covered in light, sometimes angels aren't always right.
Sometimes angels don't have wings, but nothing compares the love they bring.
My little Angel's aren't very tall, My little Angel's hasn't said a word at all.
They are nothing like the sound I hear, when my little angels are drawing near.
When my little Angel's come around, I feel I can fly, and I'm leaving the ground,
all I hear the beating of their wings, baby's cry but no other thing.


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author avatar Rebecca Fletcher
I am a mother of three children, and three step-children. I have been writing poetry since I was twelve years old. I live in a little hick town called Mount Olive.In Illinois.

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author avatar Rathnashikamani
28th Jan 2013 (#)

Very inspiring poems. All full of positive ideas.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
28th Jan 2013 (#)

Rebecca , there is a deep sadness and melancholy in your poems . I hope they do not reflect your own life .
God bless you

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
1st Feb 2013 (#)

I appreciate your poem as it comes sraight from your heart. However, if you don't mind my pointing it, you have a tendency to use IT instead of I. For example, IT believe I will be able to cope.

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