My abuelita

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These years that passes by I still remember those times when you were around. You were a great grandma to us. We miss you and everything reminds me of you

My abuelita

I remember the days when I was young when you used to live in the house behind us with my 3cousins. You used to take care of my brothers and me when our parents would go out and didn't expect anything in return. I remember when I was 4 years old I used to go running to your house asking for you to sow back my Mickey Mouse that I would accedently rip every time as if he was in a really bad injury. I would think back when someone would call you at our phone and I would go running to your house telling you that you had a call, the way you went running to my house saying "I'm going, I'm going. Tell them not to hang up! Ay, ay, ay." I would remember those times as if it were yesterday. Every time you used to go to my aunt's house that was 3 hours away from where we live with my cousins, used to be the boring part because every single time after school I would go to your house and play with my cousin's video games as you would watch me asking me "who is the creepy person?" I would feel weird not hearing anybody at your house as I entered the front door of your house when you were out of town. Something with the reflection of the sunset hitting the window made me feel weird when you were gone. I remembered those times on my birthday you would always make a sweather, pijamas, or a blanket for me. God, those were the days. Everything just seemed like it wasn't that long ago since those days past but really is a bunch of memories now. From the day when your first grandson came to this world he would always call you "Abuelita." After that, everyone of us, your grandkids, would start calling you Abuelita. Whether talking to you or referring to you in English or Spanish, you would be called Abuelita by us. Even your kids and your friends had called you that instead of mom or your name ever since they heard your oldest grandkids calling you abuelita at first. You had a great heart letting all your grandkids and sometimes your friends stay at your house when they had no where to go until they had a good job to have bread on the table and roof to live under. Sometimes they'll sleep on the couch or you'll tell them to stay in Javiersito's room that was so quiet ever since he flew up. You never let them give you anything for letting them stay at your house and would never complain or argue with them when they would come home late.

One day, I remembered that lately my parents would go out with my brothers, leaving me home each time they left. I had thought that wherever they went, they didn't want me be seeing by anybody like as if I embarrased them in any way or they didn't care about me. I had stayed with my brother's girlfriend, friends or other cousins to keep me company. I had found out that the rest of my families my parents and brothers went out with, would wait in the corner of the streets so I wouldn't noticed. I saw everyone so sad and listening to their negative talks each time they got back home. I never knew why as I have a minor seizure that can become worse if I hear really bad news. Nobody wanted to tell me anything. My parents, my brothers, my aunts and uncles, and my cousins would tell me that there was nothing to worry about. I felt fine for a bit til the day I heard, "she needs to stay at my house now. She can't go back anymore," from one of my aunts. Everything started to sound so suspecious. Now I understood why I couldn't go with them when they had gone out, my attacks, but I guess nobody thought of the saying "he's gonna find out sooner or later," because everything started to make sense as I would hear these sad news that "there wasn't anything to worry about," were spreading out more.

One day on December at my aunts house I went to talk to you. I remembered spending hours in there til we finshed talking. I had gone to the room I slept in, not feeling like eating anything or going out or do anything at all but to lie down on my bed. My mom came to me asking me what was wrong. I asked "why is she loosing her hair?" While my mom was lying to me, my Dad, my brothers, and my guy cousins inturrupted her. They looked at me like they were getting ready to tackle me. I looked at them. I noticed their looks out of anywhere. "Oh, its because she's taking these medi..." Everyone went running to me trying to calm me down. Holding my arms, making me drop on the bed, telling me to relax, to calm myself down. From my point of view, everything looked like there was an eartquake, I felt I was the earthquake. Good thing was, it wasn't that worse.

We came home on January and month went by. Everyone doing their usual routine, my dad doing paper work, bills, and stuff, my mom in the kitchen, room, front and backyard cleaning, my brothers at work, and me at school. One day, the phone rang, it was for my dad. After my dad hung up, he unexpectedly packed up his stuff as he was telling my mom what was going on. He left the house and drove away. My mom had told my brothers to not make any plans for the weekend because of a more sad news, we were going to my aunt's house on the following weekend. I didn't know what was going on, so I was happy to go. It was 5am, the day before we were going to visit you. The home phone rang, my mom answered. She woke me up with the sounds of her sobbings.

That same night, I felt like I couldn't breathe. I was breathing so fast. I felt like it was hard for me to breathe and yet the worse part came. I started shaking, going crazy again, just like the way when I found out about your problem. I know this was hard to accept the fact that this happened but I must accept that it is what life is about. I remember when you were lying on the bed you mentioned that you didn't want anybody crying for you, on the contrary, you wanted us to be happy and joke around and knowing that you'll always be there with us. Moments like this, who can take this so easily? It'll take time for me to get over what happend even though I try to let it go sooner. From the very first time I saw you saying hi, to the great wonderful times we had, to the day I saw you going up high, to the times we said good bye. After so many years, Javiersito has finally got to see you again.

Thank God that we had the chance to spend our last Christmas and welcoming the new year of 2008 with you. At least I had the chance to thank you for everything. Thank you for all the great laughs and smiles we shared. For all the jokes you made that made us laugh, for all those delicous food that no one can replaced, for all the times you welcomed my cousins to stay at your house until they got back on their feet. Most of all thank you for giving my brothers and me the greatest dad in the world. I know I must not cry and this is something I'll try not to do as I see you going to the sky. Entering this new life will be difficult for me to do but I know things will be fine as you'll be there next to me. For all I know you'll always be my abuelita.


Missing You, Rest In Peace, Thank You

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