My Wedding Woes

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What do you do if you are planning your wedding and something goes wrong?

My Wedding Woes

You’ve fallen in love, got engaged and set the date. Whilst busy planning you come across a massive snag that means that what you want can’t be, it could be for any reason. Maybe you can’t have your date because the hotel’s booked, or you can’t get the dress you want in your size. Perhaps your photographer has already been booked or you can’t afford to budget for that lovely cake you want.

So something’s gone wrong, understandably you’re upset, after all it is the most special day of your life. What do you do next?

Talking from experience I know that planning a wedding is one of the most difficult tasks that a couple can undertake as I’m currently doing it with my partner as are my older sister and her fiancée as well as my partner’s brother and his finance. I know three weddings between two families is a lot in a short amount of time. When something goes wrong it can cause any amount of upset and distress for the both of you.

I had decided on the wedding dress I wanted less than five months into my engagement, as we started planning early on in our three year engagement. I had tried the dress on, spoke to my mum and dad who were going to buy it for me and six months later while talking to my fiancés brother about colour schemes, it emerged we were having the same colour schemes for our weddings. His girlfriend asked which dress I was getting and all hell broke loose when I showed her the picture as she had already bought the same dress! Both of us were understandably upset and the two men were understandably angry as they were busy consoling respective partners. I received threats of burnt dresses and a threat that she was going to beat me up – we hadn’t actually spoken to each other about our weddings as the only thing we have in common is the family we’re marrying into, an unfortunate co-incidence has caused such an argument between two people. Granted as brothers, they probably could have spoken to each other about their pending weddings and maybe we wouldn’t have had these issues.

I mean can you imagine us both of us turning up to our weddings in the same wedding dress? It would have caused embarrassment and laughter for years to come. Not really something that either of us wanted.

As her wedding dress has already been bought, I had to relinquish the idea of walking down the aisle in my dream dress, and start again with new ideas. Of course I want this day to come to be the most special day of my life and had my heart set on things that I had already chosen or picked out. I didn’t want to change the colour theme so I was also limited to an extent there. But I didn’t want to wear a dress that half of the family would see walking down the aisle on someone else less than a year before, whether people would remember or not, I would know and so would she. So I braved myself and started looking again. Since then I have found the perfect dress for me in a different style; that fits much better and it is being ordered in the next week.

My advice? If you come across something during your plans that means you have to make a major changes to your plans, be upset for a couple of hours or even days. After that though, you need to dust yourself off and start again, it can be hard at first. I found that every dress shop I went in showed me the same dress that I’d just had to stop my dad ordering, I continued to dwell on it and sulked about the fact that I couldn’t have my first choice, but I found a new dress that I like better. My dad’s happier because it costs half the price. You might find that after that second look, you find something much more appropriate to your tastes, it might mean moving the wedding back or forward a month or so, or changing in your venue but you will be fine. It will still be your special day no matter what and you will still remember it for years to come. I know that I will glow whether I’m wearing the first dress I saw or something completely different on my wedding day because I know that I am making a commitment to spend the rest of my life with the person I love.

So from me, enjoy planning your wedding and I hope you have a lovely day, but if you do have to change something don’t worry about or dwell on it, keep going and your day will still be the one you dreamed of when you were a young girl even if there are a few slight differences. Find more info on Event Management India and wedding organizer delhi with Event Organizer India

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