My Son's Push Around Buggy

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Tired of carrying or running after your hyper active toddler while malling or strolling around? Read this entry and see how we did resolve this problem.

It Was Worth It!

My son is a year and 10 months old. It’s only but a few months to go and he is already on his troublesome two stage. He is very active and a very hyper kid so that makes him really a handful. When we arrived here in Doha, it has been our routine to stay in the house the whole day, wait for dad to get off from work and it is only then when we could take our little boy for a little stroll in the park or just roam around the mall. Weekends are more special though because we have plenty of time to be with Dad.

You would always hear my son utter the words “bas” and “lis” (contracted form of “labas” and “alis” which both mean “go out”). He cannot pronounce yet the whole word but he is able to say the last syllable of the words and make gestures such as pointing to the door or bringing you his shoes to make you understand that he wants to go out. He likes it outdoors and he likes it when he is riding cars which he sometimes pertains to “vroom-vroom”.

Even when he was still a baby, my first born really didn’t enjoy riding on a stroller that much. He finds it a bit boring and would rather push it around than ride on it. Using a stroller to keep him in place and to avoid carrying him when he got tired of walking is a very bad idea. During his first month here in Doha, he enjoyed walking by himself as he go around places. Now, we’ve noticed that he is making use of the word “arga” (contracted form of “karga” which means “carry”). Both my husband and I are having a hard time carrying him for a long period because he gained weight already. It was too much for our backs to carry. We tried 2x to rent a push car while malling because my son wanted to ride the “vroom-vroom” so he’d say “arga” (clever child). So we opted to rent one. It was quite pricey though, QR20 per hour. You don’t really go to the mall and spend just an hour there so basically, the more hours you stay there, the bigger your rent would balloon. On the average we frequent the mall at least 3x a week so imagine how much would go for the rent alone of the push car.

My husband, to avoid back pains and pocket pains, came up with the brilliant idea of looking for a push car which could fit in the trunk and which we could bring around. We looked in most baby and toy shops here but can’t find any. It is good riddance; we passed by one of E-learning’s store where we did find a push car.

Now, there will be less back pains for us and more savings. The Push Car costs QR300 which is equivalent to only 15 hours of rental! The QR300 invested on the push car is worth it for it could be of use to my kid anywhere we go and anytime he whims, be it in the mall or in the park (well it’s a little bit hard to push when you are on the grass, but it gets its job done). I’ve got 2 sons by the way. Even if I go back home together with my first born, still it won’t be a waste. Our youngest will then make use of the car when he visits here, perhaps by next year (if plans push thru). And if in case they outgrow the Push Car (and if it is still in good condition) perhaps we could still sell it even in just a very low price.


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author avatar Songbird B
2nd Jun 2011 (#)

Good thinking, and a really nice share as well...

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author avatar Kafsoa
2nd Jun 2011 (#)

Push car is a good idea, I hope if I knew that along time ago when my children were still toddlers. I wish you enjoy your weekends with no back pain and a nicer time for your baby in his bright push car. God bless you all.

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author avatar kafsoa
2nd Jun 2011 (#)

Push car is a good idea, I hope if I knew that along time ago when my children were still toddlers. I wish you enjoy your weekends with no back pain and a nicer time for your baby in his bright push car. God bless you all.

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author avatar Jlyn11
3rd Jun 2011 (#)

A good idea for moms with toddlers :)

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author avatar peachpurple
22nd Dec 2012 (#)

yeah, good idea to use to avoid backache while kiddo can enjoy the ride.

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28th Jun 2014 (#)

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