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A sister to me but also my mother in many ways. I love you Janet, for without you life would have been much worse .

A love without

For in my life there were many sad days, and nights.

Dad coming home drunk again, are you ready for the drama to unfold?

My memories of my youth are scattered and tattered in my heart and mind.

Wanting to forget but forced by life to retain those bitter days and the days that you helped me survive.

Through the love you gave unconditionally with out even a second thought.
I am thankful.
This my sister is for you.

Don't cry no more

Your love was our strength
The days you carried us home
Never wavering
Never more to scorn
Gratitude my sis
Comes from deep within my soul

A love beyond compare

You yes you kept us whole
In my past memories
When you held us close
Giving us assurance that to have
Meant to hold.
Not to the anger
Or resentment inside
For in time my sister
I did hide.

Growing older yet so young

Inside my own mind
And where my heart had dealt
Not out of pity for him
There was none of that felt.
Looking into her eyes
When she sped out the lies
I do remember those days
I still live them inside.

Growing up

She can run from the truth
And hide from the hurt
she hid from the truth
she covered his too
But one thing you see
She can not hide them
from you and from me
Those memories

Out of love

For you my dear sister
held the key .....
That in the example
That you set for me.
To hold to my honor
And retain to my life
He was her husband
And she was his wife.
Yet they had forgotten

Where are the children?

Their children were not home
They were at the park
Till the moon had it's glow.
Many a time our bellies did growl
still to this day KNOW
We can't laugh at that now.
Not form the outside
But from what we held in.
You were more like our mother
Than she has ever been.
I love her because
Of the children she bore
Not one,two or three
6 was her score.

A sisters love

It has no bond that can be broken you see
For it was her love that many times rescued me
My life has been one twist and many a turn
But my love goes much deeper
With each year that I turn.


Life for us was

In the End

In the end and at the end of this rhyme of sorts there was love there was pain but most of all there was you Janet Lyn that protected us all. To this very day my love for you is as if you my sister were most of the time my mother.You gave me advice that sometimes was harsh but it was for my own good. You gave all of your heart and never asked for love in return.
There are many miles and years we been apart.
But let me assure you , that you have a great big piece of my heart.
I am a stronger woman for what you taught me in life and about how to let go and to love.
For the woman as strong and with such a big heart I give to you so much appreciation and love for you are a phenomenal woman and a mother and grandmother too.
The ones blessed to have been a part of you and a part of your life are a result of love.


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19th Aug 2012 (#)

Wonderful poems thank you for sharing you'r heart!

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
19th Aug 2012 (#)

It looks as if there was a tragedy that took place gathering from the captions used and the writing. Hope your mother and sister are fine and family is always a blessing.

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