My Purpose Of Connecting To The Internet

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Internet has been so useful for most of us. The main reasons why I connect to internet is for me to communicate with other people, to earn money and to check items on online shops. If internet would be lost, my life would change a lot as I am living with its power.


Internet has given me and my loved ones a chance to communicate to one another. Through internet, I can talk to my husband via chat or calls. I am able to tell him my stories and I am getting his responses in real time. I am also able to communicate with other people in my life by the use of friendly websites.

Unlike the conventional snail mail, internet has provided a lot of opportunity to enrich relationships even by great distance.

Additional Income

I have been looking for a job where I can earn money for my daily needs. Good thing is that internet has paved many ways to earn via online. There are variety of websites that offer a wide array of online jobs that can be done in a home-based setting.

Through internet, I am still able to enjoy my life even if I am a wife-at-home. I can also manage my financial accounts by online registration of my bank accounts.

Online Shopping

I have not experienced online shopping yet but I do enjoy viewing items. So basically, I do not have much knowledge about it. But I am thinking of purchasing some items in the future.What I do now with online shopping sites is to check the item's price and to compare it to the shopping malls located near my home. It is somehow useful for me to know the price bracket of product I want to buy.

For now, I am focused on earning money via online rather than spending it. That is why, if I lost my internet connection, I would be missing a great part of my life.


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author avatar Retired
5th Nov 2013 (#)

"All of The Above" I've got family everywhere, and the internet keeps me connected all the time. I use it for everything, communication, shopping, banking, exploring, writing, earning money, you name it. It's the times we live in, everything is internet. Just as you, I'd miss it, I'd be lost without it. "Great Read!"☺

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author avatar chito13
5th Nov 2013 (#)

Thanks William..we are living with the technology around us.

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author avatar akram saqib
5th Nov 2013 (#)

but last purpose is difficult to achieve,nice writing however

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author avatar chito13
6th Nov 2013 (#)

Haha,, I myself is having difficulty on earning money, But that is our life's struggle for now.

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