My Mommy Hung The Moon For Me

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Can anyone comprehend the scope of lives that are changed forever if we were switched at birth and raised by different parents than we were born to?

Giving Birth on the Same Day

When my mother was pregnant with me, her sister June was also pregnant. I was to have been born in the first of November, but mother was in poor shape, having three other children and no real home. My dad didn't really work and most of the time my mother and brother and two sisters went hungry all the time. So it is my guess that mom didn't have the strength to have me at the time I was due. Finally about three weeks after her due date she went into labor.
When she got to the hospital, they didn't want to admit her for she had no money but the doctor, knowing how hard up mom was let her have a bed. She was placed right beside of her sister. They didn't have private or semi-private rooms back then, they had wards.

Cousins Born on the Same Day

My Aunt June gave birth that morning, and my mother gave birth around late morning or early afternoon. Both Girls. Born on the same day, same year as my cousin. But what if those children were switched after being born? The one living the others life as the other lived anothers life.

My Mom's Words

I was perfectly content to be the daughter of my mom and dad. But my mommy said that I was not her child. That her child had been born with brown eyes and mine were so obviously blue. Yet near the time of her death she stated that I was not her child. How could this be as I looked very closely like her. Yes I favored her more than any other child she gave birth to. In truth I favored my father very much also. So how could I not be hers? She said she didn't know whose child I was but she never admitted that her sisters child was in fact hers. Reasoning though lead me to believe that that is exactly what she thought.

Mommy Left Me, She Even Took My Shoes I Stood Up In

I never dreamed that my mom thought that way. Yet when she was in the hospital in 2007 the woman next to her said she heard her say I wasn't my mom's. She mentioned that to me as I was a person who was friendly and kind to all, especially the elderly. Later when she got home I demanded the answer and she finally gave it to me. I was not hers she said. I was not her sister Junes either. But she was the only one left alive at this time. All the others were dead. Something I remember several years before she got sick was that I was visiting my mother and that cousin that was born the same day was also visiting her and she called my mommy mommy also. I said wait a minute, and I laughed, I said I don't mind sharing my mom, as she had five more kids, but that was MY mommy. That came back to me when she said that. And one other thing, she mentioned many years ago, what if my name was Shirley as hers was? I recall saying I thought she had a pretty name but it wasn't for me. I liked what I was called more, which was Rose. And I certainly didn't want to be called Shirley Jean Mckinney either. Mom just shut up then. But it left a lasting impression on me, for I thought she was talking off her rocker if you get my meaning.

Cancer and Infection Claimed My Mothers Life

After she died of cancer, and infection caused by a bladder mesh that was put inside her after they took her bladder out because she had bladder cancer, my oldest sister also said that I wasn't mommy's. I was devastated. Instead of getting to mourn my mother, I was kind of ostracized by the others. And to this day, six years later, my brothers and sisters treat me differently. None of them come to my house anymore or rarely speak to me. It leaves me so alone and I don't know what to do about it. It has not stopped hurting and I have no way of finding out who i am, but at a guess I would say June took my mommy's child and let mom have hers. Its the only thing I can come up with.

My Thoughts On The Matter

No matter who gave birth to me, I will always love and cherish the memory of my mother. She will always be my Mommy, no one else.
A few months ago my oldest sister said that when she ran off to get married, she stayed with Aunt June and said June told her that Mom and Dad took her up to a mountain and tried to persuade her to let my dad break her in (take her virginity). This makes me wonder just what went on all those years ago and just why June would do such a thing as give her child up for another one. I can't even comprehend such a thing, but that's been the way of my life. All I can think to say is, "Why me."

In Growing Up

My parents were dirt poor while I grew up and my cousin Shirley's parents had more money than we did but money isn't everything. I wouldn't have traded my mom for anything. She was the best Mommy in the world to me. And I am so proud to call her mommy. Well I have enough in my heart to love them both. June was my favorite aunt.


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
12th Aug 2013 (#)

Rose me darling...whether she was your Mum or grew up to be a wonderful woman and that is all that counts...dont let the past discolour your Now...everything that happened was/is perfect for you...blessings...

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author avatar Grumpybear
13th Aug 2013 (#)

Yes I thought so too. It was with gratitude that I recall having my mother raise me. I think it was God's will that I grew up, hidden from the world. Especially considering who I turned into. God's servant. :)

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
13th Aug 2013 (#)

Dearest Rose ( I will call you that always now ) Thank you for sharing your sad story with us here ....and I am glad that you belong to the Lord , who will never leave you , nor forsake , because you are His precious child . If you lived in England I would love to know you as a friend , but I have to be content with our posts on this site , for which I am very grateful .
God bless you dear one .
Stella ><

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author avatar Mariah
14th Aug 2013 (#)

Hi Rose, this is such a sad story for all involved, and I think maybe your mum became confused by all the trauma she endured in her life, but I truly believe she loved you dearly.
Try to find peace within your faith..God Bless
Mariah x

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author avatar Trillionaire
15th Aug 2013 (#)

What an awesome mother.

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author avatar Grumpybear
15th Aug 2013 (#)

Yes she was wonderful. :)

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