My Little Princess: A Family Story

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This is the true story of how I came to be raised by my grandmother and how my grandmother was always the most important person in my life.


Anne was 17 years old and a naive farm girl living in the big city. Though she came to nurse an aging aunt back to health, she found herself living alone, with no friends and no family to speak about. She was now residing in a strange new city 600 miles away

The Game of Love

Having grown up on the farm in a French Canadian and devoutly Roman Catholic home, Anne found herself totally alienated in this new city. She did not understand the culture, the fast paced life, nor the tricks that young men played to obtain sexual favours from unsuspecting young women.

She became a victim of the game of love, forever looking for that one true love; the man who would love her unconditionally and marry her. She dreamed of having the Ozzie and Harriett lifestyle of the fifties (the era to which she belonged).

There were men, quite a few of them, who claimed they loved her and would marry her, but then left shortly after they bedded her. Kenneth, however, was a man who appeared to be in for the long haul. They were planning to get married in 1955, until one night Kenneth appeared unannounced, at her tenement building, only to find her entertaining another man. He left without a fight, but without an explanation as well. For him, the love affair was over.

Carrying his baby

Shortly afterwards, much to his chagrin, he was informed by Anne that she was carrying his child. Though he never married her, he agreed to have his name included on the birth certificate, but there was more to come. Anne was in no position emotionally or financially to raise a child on her own.

Once the baby was born, on her hospital bed, Anne threatened to place the child in foster care. He still did not marry her; yet, did something rather unique for the time period. He agreed to take the baby home to his mother with whom he lived. He would raise the baby.

I came home

So at the age of six days old, I came home to my dad and my grandmother.
For the first years of my life, I was my dad's little princess; he simply loved me to death. Both he and his sister, Barbara, who was married and lived downstairs, fought over who would win my attention. However, this pampered life changed for me, for at the age of five, my dad met a new lady who eventually became his wife. Therese never liked our family, and slowly but surely my dad's visits home become fewer and further between.

In the beginning he came home to see his mom and his little princess.

Later, it became increasingly apparent that he was coming home just to see his mother. I noticed on those visits, how he would always talk about his other children from his marriage to Therese and what he had bought them for their birthdays or Christmas. Though I didn't say much, it got the better of me, and at the age of nine, I asked my grandmother why it was that though I was his daughter too, he never bought me birthday and Christmas gifts like the others.

Forever changed

She had no answer for me, however, what she did to find out changed my life forever!
The next time that Kenneth came home to visit his mother; my grandmother confronted him on this very issue. Kenneth was inebriated at the time, and without a moment's thought, he began to curse and said right in front of me,

"She is not my f-king daughter anyhow, Anne was pregnant when she met me."

My grandmother responded that she had always known that and as the conversation continued, they both seemed totally oblivious to the fact that I was still there taking it all in. Those words burned through my soul to the core of my being. And now 50 years later, those words are no less potent. For that day, my world broke into little pieces. Everyone who I knew was not related to me. I was truly an orphan. My only solace over the years was that my grandmother was a saint, a woman who took me into her home and heart when nobody else ever truly cared.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
18th Feb 2015 (#)

Sorry you were a child of illegitimacy. For the Sins of the mother , the child has to pay and sadly all seem to forget that the child is the innocent victim when the mother is a whore. I respect the person who brought you up. Hopefully they have taught you the do's and don'ts of what your mother did so that you never made that mistake again.
Take Care. Any way, its an old story now and you will be teaching morals to your grandkids as I family hold their grandkid when they were in their late 40's early 50's and within legitimacy and marriage.

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author avatar Frama
11th Jun 2015 (#)

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