My Husband Intimidated Me with a Metal Bat

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How my own experience with domestic violence prompted me to learn more about the horrors and convinced me to help others.

A monster in my house

Shortly after I got married, a man who I was very much in love with began to play a sick joke on me. The joke involved a metal baseball bat and our bed which I was lying in. He picked up the bat and started to whack the bed with it just missing me by a fraction of an inch. I screamed and jumped off the bed. Anthony found this hysterical. He laughed as if he witnessed something incredibly funny. When I asked him why he did that, he stated "It's fun. You actually thought I was going to hit you, didn't you?" I told him that I didn't find it funny and to please put the bat somewhere out of the bedroom. He just put it in the corner of the room saying, "You never know when you might need some protection."

Later in the week, I was talking to Anthony about the bills and out came the bat again. Anthony again hit the bed with the bat, just missing me. "That should teach you a lesson" he said smirking.

"What are you doing?" I asked, shaking. " I told you before that I don't find this funny."

"Come on, I'm not gonna miss." Anthony held onto the bat and grinned. "Just trying to toughen you up a little."

"What's wrong with you!" I screamed and stormed out of the room. I slept in the spare bedroom.

Anthony backed off for a few days and then one night picked up the bat again when I wasn't looking. He pounded it into the bed but this time grazed my arm. I screamed and jumped up. Fortunately, it didn't hurt but I was shaking. I felt that he had done that on purpose even though he swore he didn't.

"So you never miss?" I screamed. I grabbed the bat and went outside to hide it in the shed. The next day I called a friend of mine who was a therapist and told him what happened.

"That's a no brainer , Kara" he said. "He's intimidating you. This is something you need to take very seriously."

The marriage ended shortly after that but the incident made me think about domestic violence and how it's victims become sucked into the abuser's sickness. I was actually questioning whether or not this was normal behavior and just a rather sick joke.

Finding a way to help others

I found that all I had to do was talk to Anthony on the phone and I would feel like I was being sucked into his demented world so I refused to take his calls. Anything thing he wanted to ask me or tell me would be handled by my lawyer. A lot of these men are good actors and manipulators. In the weeks and months that followed I did research on the topic of domestic violence and even took a class on the subject. I decided that I would become a dv advocate.

As a domestic violence advocate I am told not to get personal with the victim. If you get emotional or relate your own personal stories to them, they may want to cling on to you. This might potentially create a safety problem for you. The best thing for the advocate to do is to listen to the victim's story. You are the first one they see after the domestic violence incident before they talk to the police.

When it gets abusive

Domestic violence is a problem that's been around for thousands of years but has only been taken seriously in recent history. Before the women's movement in the 1970's, if the police were called for a dv incident a report was made and that was pretty much the end of it. There was no information given to.the complainant on where she could go from there.

We understand the psychology of the domestic violence relationship much more now than we did in the earky 70's. It's usually one of co dependency. The victim takes the abuse because she either feels she somehow deserves it or simply has no choice. The perpetrator is usually very insecure, feels inadequate and feels he has no control over his life. His feelings of inadequacy drives him to "control" someone else. He is the type of person who blames everyone but himself for his problems. The one he blames the most is the victim. He does his best to convince her that she needs him because without him she is nothing. He also convinces her that he loves her. The reality is he needs her more than she needs him and he doesn't really love her at all. He is emotionally dependent on her but that is not the same as love. She is also usually isolated. He does not want anyone to take away his "control".

The cycle of abuse and finding a way to break the cycle

Most of us have heard of the cycle of abuse. In abusive relationships there is a pattern that develops and that pattern continues in a cycle. It starts off nice and calm, almost resembling a nornal relationship. Something goes wrong, as it always does in life, and tension starts building. Things start to change as the tension grows and the abuser gets very angry. Finally he explodes and an act of violence may occur involving the victim. After this happens, the abuser realizes he went overboard and starts to feel guilty. He may apologize to the victim the following day. He may also promise that It will never happen again. All of a sudden Mr. Hyde turns back into Dr. Jekyl. He may buy her gifts and tell her how much he loves her. She will eat this up because she wants to believe him. The cycle starts all over again.

Many times drugs and/or alcohol are part of the problem. The perpetrator may drink and abuse drugs to escape the emotional pain he's in. This intensifies the problem.

The victim may in time decide that she can't deal with the relationship any longer and seek help. She may not get that far. We all know stories about domestic violence cases that end in murder. Working in a police department I have heard stories of women who decided to leave but were murdered because their abuser was having them watched. Hopefully the victim will seek help before it reaches that stage. She could go to the police for help, or call a domestic violence hotline.

Sometimes the victim is too ashamed or too afraid of the abuser to get help. She may think that if she leaves, she and her children (if she has any) won't have any where to go. She may have no real job skills and have no way to earn money.

People who are poor aren't the only ones who feel they can't leave. I was surprised to learn that many wealthy women who are in abusive relationships are very often ashamed to seek help. This is because they're worried about their standing in their community and they don't want anyone to find out about the reality of their situation.
I wish these women, wealthy or poor, would see that their lives have priority over everything else.

What happens when you go for help?

Hopefully at some point and sooner, better than later, a victim will decide to file a police report. Depending on the severity of the incident, the abuser will either go to jail or will be ordered to appear in court at some future date. The victim can either leave the premises and not return or go back and face the abuser again.

When a domestic violence victim goes to make a police report, usually the first person they see is a dv advocate. This is how I found a way to help these women. The dv advocate is the first person the victim talks to when she goes to a police station. She provides information on how the victim can get help for her and her family. She gives the victim a list of numbers of different agencies with different resources. She may give a cell phone to the victim which is only programmed to one number: 911 (emergency). The phone must be hidden and kept a secret but be close by in case it's needed. Most of all, the advocate listens to the victim's story. That is the most important role the advocate has.

After the victim tells her story the advocate asks her if she's ready to talk to the police. If she says yes, the advocate wishes her well and calls in the officer to make a report. Then she leaves. As an advocate I am told not to get personal with the victim. If you get emotional or relate your own personal stories to them they may become too clingy. This is not a good thing as it may create a safety problem for you.

Where does the victim go now?

After the police report is made the victim has some choices to make. She can find someone to stay with and not go back to the abuser, she can go back to him but with an order of protection in place, she can go back to him without an order of protection, or she can go to a women's shelter. Some women do get a restraining order or order of protection even though they are living with the abuser. In those situations there are usually separate entrances to the home for the abuser and the victim. They live in separate quarters of the home. Personally, I am doubtful that this set up could work but since I have no experience in this type of arrangement I don't really know. The reason for the stay at home restraining order is financial. The two parties may not be able to afford two separate homes, especially if only one is working. I believe this is something that the victim has to agree to and not court ordered.

The other option of course is to have the victim return to the home and have the Court order the abuser to leave. With an order of protection he must stay away from the victim and not call her or if there are children, he can only call her at specific times. A father in this situation may be granted visitation of the children. It may be under the condition that a liaison be present during the visits. The liaison sits somewhere separate from the father and his children but within ear shot. He observes the interaction between the father and his children.

If the woman wishes to go to a Family Shelter she can stay there temporarily until she finds a new home. If there are children they, of course, go with her. If she can't find a place to live after the allowed amount of time she may go to a community home. She may attend a job training program to give her skills to make a living.

The nightmare is finally over

Once a domestic violence victim realizes that she is safe and no longer has to live in fear she is on the road to recovery.

A victim of domestic violence does not have to be a wife. It could be a husband, parent, child, sibling, domestic partner or even roommate. It could even be a boyfriend or a girlfriend who do not live together but are in an abusive relationship.

I was lucky that I stopped the abuse in my marriage before it got worse. Everyone should be free to live a happy life and feel safe in their own home. They should never have to be a prisoner to someone else's sickness.


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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
8th Nov 2013 (#)

ice post filled with a lot of facts to those in need of urgent assistance, very noble of you to share this post!

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author avatar waterhorse
8th Nov 2013 (#)

Thank you Fern

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author avatar snerfu
10th Nov 2013 (#)

I think people are now changing and beginning to adopt a more liberal attitude. It is tough enduring hardship, especially when it is from someone you like very much. Thankfully you are over it, and hopefully your life will be much better now on.

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author avatar waterhorse
10th Nov 2013 (#)

It is Snerfu. Thanks.

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