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Meruk lived on the countryside. His home was a farm with many Acres to stroll on. Meruk had peculiar habits, not like other dogs. For instance he lked srawberries. He
plocked them himself and liked them most when they were warmed from the sun.

The Best Pal On The Premises

A dachshund with only one goal in life: To satisfy himself as much as possible. If he saw the possibility of riding in a car, he would never walk. Meruk lived in the country-side. He loved it. One morning when the trainees were eating breakfast containing porridge, Meruk claimed that he also wanted it. My sister-in-law gave him some porridge on a plate. Meruk sniffed at the plate, but immediately declared that there were some ingredients missing. She added some sugar. No, not strong enough. She added some cinnamon. No. Then my sister-in-law poured some milk on it. Now Meruk liked it.

Strawberries and Carrots

Meruk loved strawberries. They should be tender and warm from the sun. He usually strolled to the strawberry fields and plucked the strawberries by himself directly from the plant.

Meruk was also particularly fond of carrots. He took them straight from the land. Meruk grabbed the carrot with his teeth and pulled it out of the soil. The carrot in his mouth, he jumped to a water post, where the water was running, and washed the carrot. Then he ate it.

It is a fact that cats and dogs are not the closest of friends. This was not entirely sure when it came to Meruk. On the farm where he lived, a strange cat named Frasse also had his home. In the winter, when it usually is frightfully cold outside with snow and all, Meruk accepted that Frasse lived in the house together with him. They even ate from the same plate. When the summer came, the story was quite different. Then Meruk chased Frasse out of the house and hunted him down as soon as he saw him around.

Meruk had another unexpected part in his character. He could be as frantic as anything when he was at home, but when he went to participate in the Dog show, he knew exactly how to behave. As a result, he was an International Champion many times throughout.

A Time For Walk

As time went by Meruk more and more searched to be by himself. He did not like to have many people around. I think this was because he did not hear so well anymore. Meruk also quite often went for a lonely walk.

One day when he was strolling on the main road that passed the premises, there came a truck. The truck hit Meruk because he did not hear when it came. Meruk was so badly wounded there was no chance to save his life. We will always remember this delightful fellow.


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11th May 2013 (#)

A good story about a delightful dog.

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