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The thrill of smoking your first cigarette needs to be experienced.

Cigarette Smoking is injurious to health.

It was the summer of '74 when I was studying in class X during the holidays a group of 3 includes me bought a cigarette and went to the nearby hills. None of us knew anything about smoking. But all of us wanted to experience the thrill of smoking. All our parents were teetotalers. We did not have access to even watch them smoke. Whenever we saw someone in the neighborhood smoking we were drawn to seeing the pleasure they derived out of smoking.

It was our turn today. We have bought a cigarette have managed an empty match box from home and requested the shopkeeper for a few match sticks. We were excited however were very apprehensive to be seen by anyone. Finally we reached our hide out in the hills behind our colony and lit the cigarette with the match. It did not light up. The first match stick went off even while we were trying to light. The second burnt the tip of the cigarette but little did we know how to light so it also went off before we lit the cigarette. We were left with just one match stick and the cigarette is yet to be lit. By now the other two have tried their hands on lighting and failed. It was my turn and I just need to light the cigarette as we had only one stick left. I waited for the breeze to settle down. It seemed like it would never allow us to light. I then struck the match and the three of us were tensed that it is successful. I take a deep puff not knowing it was the right thing to do. The cigarette lit but I was coughing with my eyes watering. The others were trying to see that the cigarette continued to be lit. By the time both of them were also coughing and definitely not enjoying what seemed to be a torture I recover from the initial shock and take my next puff, this time with relative ease and with less pull. The others also have their second puff and the three of us finished the cigarette having a third puff each.

What seemed fun on that summer holiday turned out to become a habit and led to both of them becoming chronic smokers. I managed to wriggle out of the habit after puffing away for over 15 years. I now keep recalling the incident whenever I see some young boy of 14 years trying to have his first puff.

Smoking is injurious to health. It is a great move that advertisement on cigarettes have been banned. The manufacture of cigarettes needs to be curbed as well.

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author avatar RSyed
23rd Jul 2010 (#)

Yes, smoking is a terrible thing and people must understand why it is bad. Same goes for alcohol.

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author avatar smoothoperator
23rd Jul 2010 (#)

Thanks for reading and leaving your comments.

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author avatar afed5
23rd Jul 2010 (#)

Thanks for sharing your experience with us, i think its interesting and something that we can all learn from. It is a bad and addicting thing that should soon be made illegal!

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author avatar CC23
23rd Jul 2010 (#)

As a nurse, I wish people will not just learn this fact, but apply the learning in real life. =)

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