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When you are hitting bottom believe in God but often your earthly Father is there to help you through your trials as well. Follow your heart and with God's Love, you and your dad will work through problems. Faith will help you to overcome, but it also takes the "Power of the Mind" to receive God's Love.

Exercise Helps Maintain Healthy Mind and Body

Today I am now almost seventy years old still faced with walking problems and health problems. I completed five miles on the exercise bicycle which to most probably does not seem like much but for me it is an awesome task. I was in my wheel chair again this winter but refused to remain there. While cycling many thoughts run through my mind and I decided to write this article to dedicate it to my Father most of all and to all those who need encouragement because they are not able to walk or use some of their body. It was difficult for me to write this which seems odd since I have been a writer now for about fifty years. Even though I have written on many different topics my own life still remains a mystery to my family and friends. I hope that they enjoy the read and can understand much more about me.

My Father, Virgil Smith

In order to begin my story I must start when I was in my early twenties to reveal the importance of riding a stationary bicycle and the pain involved for me to do this. This part of my life was truly the turning point that help me to be closer to God and to my own earthly Father Virgil.

My dad was very strong man about 310 pounds with Deep Blue Eyes that would light up the room the minute he entered. He was Irish and had the true personality of most Irishmen. His smile let you know that everything was going to be alright because he could fix it or talk it away. Yet he always had an aire of mischievousness that let you know he could be a little bit of naughty himself growing up as a young man. Everyone loved him and he was highly respected in his own community doing much to help people.

The Accident that brought about total destruction

When I was in my early twenties I was involved in a very serious car accident. My car was hit in the rear-end pushed into a Ohio State Trooper's car, then my vehicle bounced off being pushed across the highway where my car flipped over and landed on a utility pole. I was thrown out into a snow bank somewhere mid all of this landing on my head. My head was hit multiple times, bones broken, teeth knocked out, bone went through my upper part of face. I was in a coma for about a month. I was air lifted to the hospital in Cleveland at the time because of my condition. I needed to explain this part so you would understand the importance of the rest of my story. At the time my car was not the only thing demolished but my body, mind, and soul was as well.

Slow Progress, No Hope, Faith Gone

At this point I had lost so much weight down to about sixty nine pounds eating through tubes. I must say for me life was very bleak. The doctor's prognosis was that I should be transferred off to a nursing home as I probably would not live much longer and could be made more comfortable. The shock to my body was more than my mind could accept. My friends and family who know me now would not believed that a person could get into this condition and survive much less, marry, have children, grandchildren and even great-grandchildren. My story will have a happy ending even with a bleak start. My hopes for a future at that time would never come to pass and I was on so many pain pills I frankly just did not care. I had no energy, no goals, and thought not much left in me to be fruitful and create a life.

Faith Restored!

My father a very strong man who was well noted for his Irish folk lore and telling of his adventures as a young man. He decided to take off from work and come pay me a visit during the day. I loved his stories especially when he talk about his travels as he traveled all over the United States before he had married my mother having many adventures. I am sure that he stretched the truth a bit in his way but most of his tales were based on his travels and were exciting at times.

When he entered my room he made everyone leave who was visiting me. He told the nurse that he did not want to be bothered until he was done talking to his daughter. Feeling depressed I agreed and told the nurse not to bother us as I thought he take me away to some far place on a new adventure. My dad pulled a necklace from his pocket and it had one little grain of "Mustard Seed." He reminded me of the Bible Verse that said if you have the faith of the "Mustard Seed" you will be healed. Then he brought out his Bible and said now we are going to pray.

My father's strength and belief in God

I did not know what my father had planned on doing but I knew that he was all serious and no stories this time. He started talking too me very softly and told me that together we can do this. "Daughter I love you more than life itself, you were always the apple of my eye." "Only you with the help of God can come out of this, grow old, have a family, and enjoy a full fruitful life." "You are destined to have that son you wished for when you were ten upon the star." "Your friend Judy is now pregnant and she will have a daughter as she had wished for of this I am certain." My dad was very wise and I did have that son.

These things will only come to pass if you renew your faith in God and faith in yourself he continued saying to me together we will overcome. You are not going to a nursing home and you are not going to die. Not on my watch! Together with the help of God and our faith in Jesus you will be healed.

Affirmation of Seriousness of my Problems

Everyday we were going to go down to the exercise room and start a workout. No more refusals and no more tubes. You are going to eat through a straw and eventually you will eat whole food even if it is only one bite at each meal. My response to him was daddy I love you too but you are asking of me the impossible. All things are possible with God if you only believe. The pain I feel is so unbearable I cannot sleep without drugs. I have no appetite! Why should I suffer so much as I have not done anything wrong.

All my life I went to church never drank or smoked like some of my friends but yet look at me. I do not understand and cannot believe there is a future for me. I know you want to help but you cannot! After I was done making my case, crying and pleading then my father told me something that really shook me up and turned me around.

My Father's Pain

This happened about fifty years ago and at that time I had sworn to my father that I would not reveal to anyone what he was about to tell me. But after all these years I do believe that it would be alright with him for me to share with my family, friends, and all those who perhaps have been in the valley as I was at that time.

My father's secret shocked me at the time and it took me a few days to ponder it and get over it before I could actually start going to the therapy room and working out. My dad was in World War II serving in Africa where General Rommel and his German Panzer's were fighting. His whole platoon had been caught in a valley between the tanks and everyone was killed but six men. My dad was one of the six who survived but had never spoke of his war time experiences.

He had laid in the dessert about three days before the medics got to them and took them to the make shift hospital and then air lifted them off to a real hospital. He said two of the six died before they could get enough help so actually only four survived from that dreadful event. He said that all during that time he would wake up and then pass out again holding a small handful of sand in his right hand. He would pray for God's help and turn loose a bit of sand each time. This was his "Mustard Seed". He said while he was in the hot dessert waiting for help he saw a vision "The Angel of Mercy" presented herself to him and told him that he would go home and see his parents again that he would marry and have two children.

He had been shot and carried some of the bullets in his back and leg. His pain was great and even after returning home it took him a while before he could walk and do the things that he had done in life and was still doing. He said his own father took him back on the farm and worked with him until he was able to walk upright and become whole again. It took faith, prayers, and belief in God to make this all come about. Now this was very heart breaking for me to hear but still not the shocker that he finally gave me that opened up my eyes as one of his closed.

The Precious Eye

Finally my father said to me that you often had said that you hope that you could have a son who had the twinkle in his eyes like your dad. That you wanted him to have my blue eyes. I say unto you that your son will sparkle in his own right and he may not have blue eyes but he will be mischievous just as I have always been. You will love him and always remember me in his smile and demeanor. I was truly blessed with that son who has dark brown eyes, but the twinkle is there. He too has a beautiful little daughter who holds the same twinkle in her eyes as well.

Now daughter he ask of me which of my eyes do you always see first and which eye has the most gleam? I thought this a very odd question to ask of me and said so. I mean it he said to me which eye do you think is the most life in it and makes you smile when you look at me. I replied slowly and pointed to his right eye. Now he said to the secret that is not known by anyone not even your mother. He told me not to be frightened as he turned his head away and removed his other eye. He had lost his left eye in that battle and was wearing a fake eye. Ever so often he would go to the hospital to have it replaced or adjusted but never revealed to us why he go to Columbus for a days visit. I cried so hard but he held me and it seemed things started to get better because I now knew that he was truly there for me just as I knew that Jesus was there for us both. I needed to be able to cry for as humans we do have the right to weep when we feel sorrow, pain, and discouragement. My father taught me this as well to cry and then go on with life not dwelling on our many pains.

Life for me Improved with Faith

He did come everyday and I did slowly get better. First I started eating through a straw and taking bites of food that he bring me. I go down to therapy and he pull me up from the chair putting me on the rails. I had to take medication because of the pain but eventually that too subsided. He took me home where he had prepared an exercise place for me along with an exercise bicycle. I went from the wheelchair to the walker and eventually to the cane. When I met and married my husband I was walking and even able to dance a little. None of this could of happened in my life if my father had given up on me and if he had not believed in God the way that he did. His strength became my strength!

Happy Father's Day!

Time has passed and many good things have happened for me. I have suffered greatly with problems from the car accident. I also developed polio in my thirties and now was diagnosed with Parkinson Disease. But I also married, have a family and many friends. All along I remember what my father taught me and hold fast to my belief in Jesus. Without a strong person to help guide me as well as believe in me I would of never accomplished what I have in my life.

I still workout on the exercise bike and try not to let these things effect me. Most of all hold fast to what my dad taught me and the love of Jesus he shared with me. When I am down I pick myself up one more time and try to overcome just as my father always wanted me to do.

My father died and I made sure that his eye was kept in his head and never told anyone in the family about it. My mother and brother are dead as well so his secret remained all these years. My father was a man of many secrets who was known and loved by so many people. He had many people at his funeral who testified how he had helped them through their sicknesses, getting a home, getting employment, and even saved some lives when they were in danger. He worked on construction so he was not afraid to risk his own life when another man's was in danger. He climbed a utility pole when a worked got hit by live wire and pulled him off giving him CPR and saved his life. He did this when the house across the street from us had caught on fire and the worker was trying to cut the power off.

He had done so much for so many it would be impossible to tell everything. The church was full and the parking lot and even across the street. The neighbors had let people park in their driveways and front yards. The rest of the folks had already gone to the cemetery because they could not get into the area. The police department had put up loud speakers to help those outside be part of his service. He was respected among many of the police officers and firemen for his help and service to them. It was noted as one of the largest funerals in our home town.

Our minister said of my father that his greatest achievement in life was the ability to stay strong in his faith and to share it openly with others. From him I tried to base most of my life. I am sure just like my dad I have failed because we are not perfect we are human. That is why Jesus died on the cross for us! This father's day if possible visit your father give him a hug. He may not always be with you. I am very sad at times in his passing and wish I could be with him one more time talk to him and ask him questions about what I should do when I am overcome with problems in my life. But am assured that when I die I will be with him. A very special wish to all dad's

Happy Father's Day!


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author avatar writershirley lopez
4th Jun 2016 (#)

Father's day is special to many and this article I hope gives dad's courage to do what they need too and their children will listen and be blessed.

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6th Jun 2016 (#)

Good write, very thought provoking, my applause, Regards
Williamsji Maveli

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6th Jun 2016 (#)

Thank you, appreciate hearing from you and your opinion

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