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This is a basic about the trails of an American mother learning the UK system of schooling.

School Fees

Sometimes I become frustrated by the weather in England. I wake my boys at about six in the morning and the fun begins. I must be mad, to wake them and not take a few minutes to make myself a cup of coffee to start the day. I have given up on that as my coffee becomes cold because one of several problems always arise in the morning. You know the typical mummy I can't find my shoes, or mummy I can find the tooth paste which is sitting right in front of you.

Which brings me to school fees. I tell you no lie, the schools here ask you for money at least once a week. You have to think now, I walk my children in the pouring down rain to school. I have paid for boots to keep their little feet dry, water proof jackets to keep the rain at bay. Yet when you drop them off the teacher will say "Oh you have not turned in the donation for..." what ever charity they have asked you to donate to. Urgh. I am wet my children are wet and your asking me for money, lady I just want to drop my children off,go home get dry and have that cup of hot coffee that I could not have earlier. Is that too much to ask?

School, they send home these letters asking for money for a trip. Now the trips cost anywhere from £3 to £15 per child, per outing. When you have four children attending the same school in the middle of a credit crunch as they say. Where do you find the money? Here in England we have that council tax which we pay close to £107.00 pound a month. This is the tax to help with schools, police, rubbish collection, and fire department. Yet they still ask me and other parents for this amount of money! I find it outrageous. Last year alone I spend seventy-three pounds in school fee for trips and various other charities they ask you to contribute to. I was under the impression that when you donate to a charity it is suppose to be one of your own choice. Not a charity that school chooses and then states in a letter "Donation of £1 or more would be greatly appreciated" wow what if I do not want to donate one pound? what if I want to donate my change which likely will add up to maybe £.79 pence? Well they will not take it. It has to be what they ask for.
Being a native Californian, I am just not accustomed to the school always begging me for my hard earned money and then some. I find it annoying. Maybe I am spoiled, after all in California you have yellow school buses that my taxes pay for, about two trips in a school year that my taxes pay for, and they do not ask me for any money for my child to attend these trips. Oh how I miss California.


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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
14th May 2013 (#)

Nice and interesting..

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
15th May 2013 (#)

I empathize with you, Jan, but expatriate life is not cheap anywhere! siva

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