My Child is Unloading His Gun in the Classroom and WHY

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Classroom shooting is not rare incidents in the schools or colleges, especially in USA. This content aims at finding out sources of violence in the developed society.

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My Child is Unloading His Gun in the Classroom and WHY
brotee mukhopadhyay

News stating that a 23-year-old pharmacology student has just recently unloaded his revolver during a class in the biophysics research institute at Pecs University, Hungary has again shocked the global people.

A pharmacy student in the beginning year was killed and a few more including a teacher were injured. Hungarian Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai has assured that motives behind such violence in the academic center will be seriously examined.

I apprehend more such sad news will there be in the news deck. We will again read them and get shocked and promise to go deep into the motive, yes, calmly. Such promises or assurances from persons at the helm of power, I am sorry, I can no more take as granted. Reasons behind recurrence of the same kind of violence in the educational centers on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and even in some places of the eastern hemisphere have not been properly researched so far. Statements are issued by some persons and words of condolence are sent to the victim(s)’ family. We again engage us with our daily business.

We love to forget that we breed violence daily and that we rear it with pomp and pleasure. We have made us handicapped in this arena to such an extent that we cannot firmly utter our disapproval to a lot of things which have been allowed to happen although we are sure of the fact that those may rot the environment.

Children love toys and they love games. We have played vital roles to pollute their innocent mind. We have not asked why most of the toys for the kids have been associated with war and killing of rivals and with meaningless violence. We do not feel how a child’s mind may be tuned if he finds that most of his elements of games are related to guns and pistols and tanks and similar such things.

It is an unpleasant thing that most of the films produced in the USA and in many other countries describe battles or wars or assassinations or massacres or such other things that display inferno of the hell, firing and bloodshed and dead bodies. If we look at the computer games we will have similar experiences. The teens love those games as they love chocolates and ice screams. We should not ignore that these all create space for tolerance or indifference towards violence in the developing brain of our children.

We do no allow our kids to grow naturally. We interfere in every occasion and in each of their actions and in the name of guidance we take recourse to coercion and soft and strong form of violence. We hold a strongly built consideration within us that we must tame them and that they will use our registered shoes for their legs. They thus learn to co-exist with different forms of violence from day one. Yes, from day one indeed. We have noticed how some moms or dads clean watering noses of their child and how unkind they appear when they put pressure on his/her very soft nose while the child cry out helplessly. We have learned to occupy and possess and control whatever comes within our grips. We fail to follow how disproportionately those of our actions shape the temperament and character of our growing siblings.

Many of our children pass through the most-unwanted experiences of domestic violence which may occur simply because of the fact that their parents have not learned how to behave in presence of a child. Many of such hapless kids experience the most violent phenomenon of life which is poverty. We should stand before a real mirror which will reflect our actual state of consideration in respect of poverty-stained people.

One words more. We support violence in one form or other. We have been supporting it. If we ask what role we have played for the spread and practice of nonviolence and peace throughout our life we will find reasons to get ashamed. Our kids have been going through news of tremendous violence in the printing and electronic media everyday. We have been feeding them with the news of the battlefields, of the blasting and bombing, of the genocides and massacres and news of the building up of newer weapons with greater potentiality to cause destruction to human lives and properties. Should we lend attitude from an ostrich and prepare us for another day to receive news of violence committed by one of our children in any educational center in the globe?

[I have found eighty one cases of shooting in the classrooms only in the USA from the year 1966. On August 1, 1966, 15 persons including students and others were killed in University of Texas at Austin massacre Austin, Texas, United States. In the current year, till November 27, there were five instances of shooting in the educational centers in the USA which may cause shivering in the spine of anyone of us:

Henry Ford Community College shooting Dearborn, Michigan, United States April 10 2009 Casualty = 2
Hampton University shooting Hampton, Virginia, United States April 26 2009 Casualty = 0
Larose-Cut Off Middle School shooting Larose, Louisiana, United States May 18 2009 Casualty = 1
Skyline College shooting San Bruno, California, United States September 2 2009 Casualty = 0
Deer Valley High School shooting Antioch, California, United States September 16 2009
Casualty = 0


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