Muslims Marrying Hindu Girls

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Muslim men are marrying Hindu girls and their numbers are growing. It is a growing trend and it ius possible there is more than a little help from the Muslim clergy

Lusting for the Hindu Women

Lust is a word that means intense or unrestrained sexual craving. Sometimes the word does look vulgar or coarse but it defines a mindset that is dictated by desire and temptation.

All over India and Pakistan the one fact that stands out is the number of Hindu girls with Muslim men has husbands. In Pakistan it takes a bizarre form with about 20-25 Hindu girls being kidnapped every month in Sind province and forcibly converted and married to Muslim men. In India there is no coercion but any numbers of Hindu girls marry Muslims. Even the film stars are into it and the most famous present day heroine Karina Kapoor is marrying a Muslim star who has 2 grown up children.

Hindu Muslim wedlock

I began to wonder why this is so after all just a few decades the Muslims and Hindus did not have much of intermarriages. Before independence and the advent of the Raj, the Muslims were the rulers and they could have their pick of Hindu girls. Even the warrior Timur selected 200 of the most beautiful Hindu girls for his harem. But it all ended with the Raj and independence.
So frankly I am intrigued to see so many Hindu girls marrying Muslim men. The contrast is stark as in all cases the Hindu girls convert to Islam. This is mandatory and is something that happens, but I suppose there is very little coercion involved, except in Pakistan where the situation is entirely different. I wonder what could be the psychology behind these marriages.

Love Jihad

Obviously there is some background to it. One thing that strikes me is loss of power by the Muslims the Hindu girls became unattainable. So the Muslim men with a not a little encouragement from the Mullahs began to assiduously woo Hindu girls. The idea was to win them over and marry them and beget children. It’s like a victory in battle, after all in ancient wars the women were the prize.
These are harsh thoughts, but I suppose there is some truth in it. Thus the Muslim man will go out of his way to court a Hindu girl. What about the Hindu girl? There is a new found freedom given by independent India and the Hindu girl is exercising it to the hilt. One manifestation is these marriages. In contrast the reverse of Muslim girls marrying Hindu boys is just a trickle. Rigidity in Islam is intense?


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
11th Oct 2015 (#)

Had a teacher who married a Hindu Man. She was Muslim and he was Hindu. She changed her name.

Had another who married a muslim man and wife converted to islam to be his wife, changed her name too.

But I will not talk about the practices within each religion as I have seen it and experienced it as a Christian lady married to a Hindu man.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
11th Oct 2015 (#)

Their beauty is their attraction as well they can be good wives. Don't blame the Muslims to marry them, I would do the same and they could become Christian.

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author avatar Judy Ellen
11th Oct 2015 (#)

I agree with Fern but there is one problem! Due to the aborting and killing of female infants in India there is a shortage of woman for Indian men to marry. Now with all the Muslims taking their women, what does the Indian man who wants an Indian wife do? I guess he has to look elsewhere! I agree that Indian women and, in fact, Indian men are very attractive like my children who are half Lebanese!!

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author avatar Kingwell
14th Oct 2015 (#)

I find your posts very interesting. Blessings.

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