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No matter how we move forward moving is a change that takes time to adjust to it. There are many ways to move forward.

Moving in an apartment

My daughter is moving into her own apartment after being with me for many years. We both are happy this day has come; however we will miss each other. We helped each other through good times and the not so good times. The move may take more time than expected to finalize due to special circumstances. We are going to take the time to cherish every moment because this is all we got as far as the 2 of us. No more watching TV together in our home, no more a lot of thing, because moving forward comes with many lifelong changes. My heart is happy but breaking at the same time. I think us both need a hug today, and many more before the moving transition has finished.

Selling Home getting married

Getting married is all about moving forward for my fiance and I.
Ray and I will be getting married one day soon. The first thing I am trying to do is sell my home. The next thing we will do is to set a wedding date. We are trying to get my daughter settled in her new apartment where her new life will begin. Many changes have already happened. and I want to cherish the before and after times within my life at the present time.

Starting a family

Deciding to have a family is another way of moving forward in today’s world. Young couples should try to cherish the time they have together with their spouses, because it will never be just the 2 of them again. Having a new baby should prove to be a blessed one. Just remember this change is everlasting so while you are still without your son or daughter cherish the 2 of you before the 3 of you are all together.

A picture of one of my daughters and a cherished moment of her just being her fun self.

Other moving forward times

Starting college, changing careers are other moving forward times. All these things I have mentioned are just as important when trying to understand what is all happening to our minds and bodies during these long life changes that are happening to us at the time.
Learn to understand how your moving forward will make a lifelong mark on your heart. Now cherish the time you have before the changes in your life happen. You will never get another chance to savor your life as it is right now except at this very moment. Tomorrow you could be talking about what happened in the years that have gone by.
Remember to Love life before and after moving forward. Life will never be the same after moving forward so love it with everything inside of you, and love afterwards with the same passion.

Don't look back or Look back

If you would like leave a comment about your last time of moving forward, and how it changed your life. Changes are times of wonder and great new beginnings just remember new is a blessing but past is a blessing that has parted us. Starting a new chapter in our lives takes time and patience. One day you will look back and see how the past taught you more about the world and how moving forward can be a great learning experience. We can share how to move forward with love and confidence to our family and friends.
Some people say don’t look back! I say look back as many times as needed because the view will never be the same in that perspective ever again.

This picture is a picture of my mother and father. I have many great memories with them.My dad passed away a few years ago but the memories will last a lifetime.


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author avatar Retired
12th Feb 2015 (#)

That is awesome, that your daughter is moving forward in life. I hope the best for her and you!

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author avatar viewgreen
12th Feb 2015 (#)

Great article and it's nice to know about your daughter... Thank you for sharing this.

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author avatar Shamarie
12th Feb 2015 (#)

Congrats to your daughter! I wish her the best!

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author avatar Retired
13th Feb 2015 (#)

Here once again to say, Congratulations, JennyHeart , you're getting married!

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author avatar GV Rama Rao
13th Feb 2015 (#)

Move on! Here is wishing you good luck ahead.

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author avatar Carol Roach
14th Feb 2015 (#)

I am moving forward this year I am going to have bariatric surgery and begin an entirely new lifestyle

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
15th Feb 2015 (#)

Life is forever changing for all of us, we savor the moments and move on however tough the parting is. We can relate to your feelings Jenny, wish you and family happy days - siva

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