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It is a sentimental journey of returning home after i studied at a far off place like Kolkata and did the government service through out the state of West Bengal for the last 47 years . When I think over this , I became nostalgic .as well as disturbed when i recapitulate my bad and sweet memories.


I beg to solicit the permission of the for favoring me with my expressed feelings about this article.I clearly remember the day when I had to leave my home where I was born and brought up. AT that time I have never thought of - that was my last departure and I could not return to my home permanently. I had to see off my beloved parents and my younger brothers and sisters. They were so cute and young that I loved them very much. But those days are gone. First I lost my dearest mother .Twenty five years after I lost my after the sudden demise of my dearest mom ,my father was alone in the family to look after the younger children. All but one were school going children. I was studying at college . Frequently I had to go to my home to share the responsibility of my father who also had to attend his Municipal office daily and regularly. Meanwhile I could not understand that all my younger brothers and sisters became matured enough to shoulder the responsibilities of my father. . After completing my studies I tried my level best to find out an employment. Luckily I got an employment in the government sector outside my home district .But I could not return to my home as a bread earning member. It is really tough to digest all the happenings when I recollect these memories at one go. I feel helpless and become impatient. I try to console my self saying- Man proposes and God disposes. During those long years my younger brothers and sisters becomes adult finishing their studies and ultimately get married with their own family members. Now our home have been turned into a joint family residence.

Service life & career .

I was the eldest member in the family . In course of time I had to raise my family .I did my service in order to sustain the members of my family. AT the end of my service career , I thought of moving home as soon as I am superannuated. That decision was absolutely mine. But the decision of my family members was different. I had to make a decision to set up a separate home elsewhere. Now I am in a fix what to do. Should I move to my original home or stay at my new home? During the first five years I was transferred 13 times. IT is the irony of fate that during the last five years of service careers I was transferred seven times .with promotion of higher responsibilities. In spite of all hazards in the service life . I tried my level best to maintain a cordial relations with all my younger brothers and sisters. so that I may return to my original home. But I do not know whether other members of the joint family would accept as their own member.


At last I am retired . I have to take decision which way i along with family shall move. It is a big question I have to solve. It would have been better if I could return to my home where I could have found my beloved parents But they are no more . Mentally I am alone I have no other alternative but to move my new home with my good and bad memories of my life.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
5th Jun 2015 (#)

These happen to many. I have been away from home (India) for over thirty years with occasional visits. In fact, when I meet my close friends of younger days and relatives, we hardly have much to talk.

Times are different now. The older are dependent on younger in Asian societies whose values tend to differ, you know what I am talking about! We try to please all and end up pleasing none - some even become punching bags! Wish you peace of mind that you deserve in the evening of life, like I too - siva

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author avatar pramalkumarsamanta
5th Jun 2015 (#)

Thanks for nice encouraging and supporting comment - pramal

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author avatar brendamarie
22nd Jun 2015 (#)

we all do the best that we can

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author avatar pramalkumarsamanta
22nd Jun 2015 (#)

Madam ,thanks for encouraging comments.

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