Moving Home? It should be Fun rather than worrisome

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moving home is usually a stressful period for any one. with little planning and its execution it can be fun rather than the other way.

Points to ponder when you are moving home

Though it is expected for many weeks, you aren't prepared for the exact moment when the cover containing your TRANSFER order arrives. It may be an email from the Head office, regional office or from the department head where you are working day in and day out. Well if you think you are the only one worried about moving your house, believe me, you are not alone. There are thousands there like you worried about 'moving home'
First and foremost thing to make your moving home experience a pleasant one rather than other way is to make sure you have a place to move in in the new place. Through friends, acquaintances or through an agent (US), broker (Indian) you can find a suitable place to accommodate your family and your belongings.
Talking about belongings reminds me about the next thing you should do. Ruthlessly, i mean it, ruthlessly, discard things that are luggage rather than useful to you in the new place. Why should you need all that magazines, newspaper cuttings packed in those number of boxes, when you can access any information nowadays through the internet. Same rule applies to the things that got accumulated in the kitchen as well. Of course, if you attach an emotional value to the one or two items it is okay, but you need not carry all of them, along with the 'silverfish and cockroaches' safely placed themselves to your new home. If you are able to discard even 25% of such things, then you have done half your task of moving home.
Then comes the important task of packing. For a sum, there are agencies that help you to pack your belongings neatly and safely so that they reach the destination in 'ONE PIECE, rather than in pieces. Entrust them the job, while your wife/husband co-ordinate with them. By the time they are through, you can attend settling more important issues like changing the address with the Paper vendor, gas and other utilities like telephone, mobile etc.

Please note down in a small spiral pad the items that goes into each box and number them accordingly. You will win more 'Brownie' points from your better-half if you can just point one box when she/he asks for an item that is required immediately on arrival. As an alternative you can also mark them K for kitchen, B for bedroom, H for Hall etc.,

It may seem frivolous, but still get a copy of the Map of the city to which you are moving in. It will come handy when you have to find a vendor or an office of authority that you require to visit when you reach there.

Ideally you should follow the transporter, if you are moving to a town or a city within a traveling time of within six to seven hours. You can wriggle out your things out of check-posts and spot checks by authorities if you, as an owner, accompany the vehicle. An owner’s word is more readily accepted by the authorities than the transporter.

One last point, though it is overlooked by most. Please give enough time to yourself and family before joining at the new place for work. Because, being in new place your work load will be more and you may not have sufficient time to devote to the family in helping them to put things in place. So the ideal thing is to keep two, repeat TWO, clear days before you rush to your work place.

These are basic points, but still, more people will find that following these basic points make "moving home" a pleasure rather than a pain.


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Wonderful tips....well said ..thank you madathil

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