Morning Sickness Cures

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A simple (and readily available) cure to help combat morning sickness.

The Dreaded Morning Sickness

Some women say they love being pregnant personally, I think they are lying. Now don't get me wrong I love being a mom but I sometimes feel like I could do without the morning sickness and pregnancy symptoms. You are irritable all the time (note the tone of this article), you have a pressure in the middle of your back not to mention that you have to constantly pee, then there is the heart burn and we cannot forget about the morning sickness.

I am fortunate to not be affected by horrible morning sickness as some poor girls, apparently princess Kate had to be hospitalized for three days due to a bout with morning sickness. I only feel nauseous and am lucky not to have the often associated vomiting.

The Cause and Cure for Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is often caused by a lack of protein as the fetus needs a lot of protein in order to grow, so my cure for morning sickness was... chocolate milk. This worked for me as it was something that I could stomach and it's high in protein. So the trick is to eat or drink something that is fairly high in protein like a chicken breast, a glass of milk, a protein shake. I liked chocolate milk as I just threw a carton in the fridge at work and drank it through out the day.

High Protein Foods

Other foods that are high in protein are nuts or peanut butter, beans or lentils such as kidney beans or black beans, milk, yogurt or cheese, spinach, eggs and meat (although I find it hard to eat either during the first semester),brown rice and lots more. Also make sure you are getting enough fluids as being dehydrated can also lead to more severe morning sickness. Well Good Luck to you, it won't last forever (although it may not feel like that right now) and try to eat high protein foods it will also help with the frequent headaches.

And once they put that baby in your arms you will forget all about the pregnancy woes (and the birth).

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