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I'm back with more summer fun for teenagers. Whether we're talking about family time or kid time here are some options for keeping them active and off the couch. Youth don't have to be competitive in order to achieve healthy goals. This guide makes exercise fun and easy so everyone is included.

Introduction To Teen Summer Activities

In a recent article, I shared suggestions for teen summer activities. Now, I'm back with additional fun ideas for kids eleven and up. We all know young people at this age get bored easily. They're not little children anymore, but this doesn't mean they should be set free without boundaries. In fact, they need more structure than ever before. It's important they enjoy what they're doing, but you should know where they are at and how they are spending their vacation. Many at this age will within reason welcome your suggestions. Here is an itinerary of possible activities. Just keep in mind, teenagers require flexibility.

Non Competitive Sports So To Speak

I wrote about team sports in a previous article. For this installment, I intend to focus on non competitive sports, because it's important they learn exercise is available to them as a stress relieving opportunity regardless of their individual personality. A student who isn't into America's favorite pastime doesn't have to stay on the couch until September. They're more likely to grow up fit and active when they understand their options. Keep in mind, almost any sport is going to be competitive, but here are some alternatives to the usual mix.

Let's start with a favorite retro hobby. Skating is a fun and teenage friendly activity. Although a few skating rinks are still around, skate boarding is more popular than ever before. Actually, skate parks with ramps are popping up everywhere. The two we've encountered are free of charge minus the cost of equipment. Although it may not seem competitive, competitions in some parts of the world are available. Encourage them to wear protective gear such as helmets and knee pads at all times. A busted skull isn't cool especially when severe accidents can be prevented.

Table tennis or ping pong as it's usually called is an inexpensive game to own and play. Mom's favorite part is simple storage. A long utility table works best especially since it's probably something you can get your hands on fairly easily. Many people already have these around the house. Set up the net and get started. Kids can play indoors or out. Just don't let them loose the paddle and ping pong balls. These can be stored in a handy mesh bag. Again, this sport can become as competitive as they want it to be. It's not primarily played for the trophy, but it is possible to become a professional and win awards. This summer it will be refreshing to know your kids spent hours playing ping pong as opposed to devoting an entire weekend to video games.

Note: My fifteen year old daughter pointed out ping pong is very competitive. Ha. Ha. She is correct. However, ping pong might appeal to a person who isn't generally into team sports. Most sports are going to be competitive especially golf, but it could still be seen as an alternative to football or baseball.

The best ideas offer a blast from the past. Horse shoes are still around. You can find them at any store where sporting goods are sold. Your teens may enjoy this pursuit in the yard and it can be packed away with little effort while planning a transport to your favorite family vacation spots. They can take their gear down to the lake or elsewhere. It's really up to you and your kids. We were surprised to find out our local recreational department installed a cutting edge professional horse shoe play area at the city park. So, the idea is not too far fetched. Obviously, people still play this game.

Teens probably aren't into power walking, but you might be surprised how much fun they'll have listening to an ipod while strolling or jogging along a paved track at their own pace. Just remind them not to wear head phones near traffic in neighborhoods or on busy streets. This can be very dangerous when they are focused on their music instead of paying attention to the road. Safety should always come first.

Each one of these sports can be played competively depending on the availability of such competition in your area. Certainly, most can be played solo for the sake of practice with the exception of ping pong. I compiled this list for kids who are looking for alternatives to team sports, but that doesn't mean there's not a league out there for their sport. If they're looking for something a little different share these options with your kids.

Everyone needs and appreciates exercise. Regardless of the activity your teen chooses this summer encourage them to get adequate sunlight and to stretch their legs on a regular basis. Summer vacation lasts just long enough to significantly improve upon one's physical fitness.


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