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Have you ever looked at you mother in a different way. This story is about one of my revelations.


Some of you will remember that I was brought up by my grandmother. My mother came for a visit and to pay my board once a week. Sometimes I would stay at her home, but I really preferred to stay home with my grandmother. We were not strangers, but my mother and I were not that close when I was growing up.


After I got married and had a child of my own were became closer. I forgave her for the wrongs she had done in the past. Actually at that point in her life she had truly changed.

However, over the years we ended up spending less and less time together. But I do have my memories.

The mother of my youth had long black hair and she looked just like Pocahontas. My mother is French Canadian. My great-great-grandmother was native. Then over the years my mother had lightened her hair.

I remember her last hair color was blond. I didn’t mind the hair color it suited her with her tan complexion, but I never really cared for her hair styles.

I will grow white naturally

My mother came for a visit on Sunday and much to my surprise had a real cute short haircut and white hair. I asked her if she dyed her hair and she said no. This is her natural hair. That just goes to show you how long it had been since I had seen her last.

My mother is absolutely stunning with white hair. I almost want to do mine that way. I find my mother more beautiful now that she has ever been.

I dye my hair blond as well. I hate gray hair in women. I find it makes us look hard. However, seeing my mother with white hair I think I will enjoy when my hair eventually turns white and then I won’t dye it anymore.

All photos taken from the public domain

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author avatar Dawn143
19th Aug 2015 (#)

Beautiful sentiment here. I love how you just tell the readers your thoughts. Nicely done

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
19th Aug 2015 (#)

yes , I agree with Dawn ..
They do say ' beauty is in the eye of the beholder ' I also agree with that
God bless you today
Stella ><

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
19th Aug 2015 (#)

Well I look at my mother and we were always friends right from the time I attained maturity and she trained me with life. I have no qualms in saying that I am original too but as a model there are times I dye my hair to get the style and it is only done for the show.
Now I am a natural Chestnut brown and my mum is blond brown. We have our genes and yes, my childs hair is like mine as his father has light brown hair.
Now Looking at mum differently, well she has been called my sister so that is a clue, we used to share our clothes too because of sizes but not in the recent years, although she does wear my pregnancy outfits.
Now, my husband looked at his mum 'differently' and left his wife and child for her. Scandal is huge, be my guest to investigate as I know the intricacies of the stories that you don't.
I walked out with my child and never been happier. Turned life around, mum blessed me and told me go back to what I used to be and I became a model and a creative artist and a noted writer who is in the music industry also. I am an instrumentalist, percussionist, singer, songwriter and composer and this was always my first love.
Any way my mum was and still is a beauty and that is why dad married her and had two beautiful kids with her and they are absolutely positively and authentically his DNA too. So yes, it pays a lot to look at your mum and then know where you as a daughter stand and where your kids will see you later.
Now no hits here but I am 36 years old and a model and a role model to my child and yes, no men in my life and told mum yesterday, there is not going to be any other for me not even in casual or in relationship as I am happier as me. Guess who that is??? Her mum who passed down the morals of being a good role model to her grand daughter as a child. I am proud of my leading ladies in my household, they raised us well and I know I have a well brought up child if I were to leave my offspring in their midst.

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author avatar snerfu
19th Aug 2015 (#)

Guess mothers will be mothers.

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author avatar Helen Thomas
20th Aug 2015 (#)

Great article ~ Carol. I enjoyed reading it.

Blessings to you.

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