Moral Education is Important in Parenting

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Children’s moral and ethical development needs the guidance. Parents, moral education can’t be the one to leave your house.

Children Need to Take on Moral Education

While tidying up the classroom where I deliver music lessons for kids once a week today, I suddenly heard a shrieking voice of a mom who apparently fired up her anger toward someone else. What happened? Honestly, I’m not quite sure, but certain that she was cursing aloud in front of her 3 three-year-old. It got me into the thought of moral education immediately.

Why to be important?

Children’s moral and ethical development needs the guidance of parents. Integrity, honesty, and good conscience, all of which are the base to build a well-rounded personality, are directly shaped by a successful moral education. Also, people with strong sense of right and wrong are less easily coerced by others, possessed with a spirit to keep our nation forward. Yes! It’s important, but it seems to me many parents take an oversight on the matter.

What to do to training good morals out of children?

Be a role model

For a starter, be the one to deliver the right message! When telling kids about “no screaming, or cursing”, parents need to hush the urge to burst unkind language themselves! Kids learn and copy what their moms and dads do, so parents, be a good role model!

Reveal consequences

Letting children clearly see what would happen to wrong behaviors. Cheating for good grades, for instance, can undermine the education kids receive in school. Lay out your expectations and set rules of punishment against conduct of plagiarism, by which you, as parents, are making your children understand the concept of responsibility.

Find teachable moments

In most scenarios, as children’s guardian, parents share life with their kids, especially the young minds, the most. We naturally turn to parents should we attempt to find the most suitable person to find teachable moments telling about what’s right and wrong to children. Talk to your kids about what you see that involves in discussion of morality, by which you are getting the idea of what’s the self-direction in the mind of your children.


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