Money for Nothing: When Financial Aid Offices Don't Care

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The term, "financial aid" is suppose to mean something. Usually it means that there is financial assistance for college students who need some help paying for school. I believe someone needs to tell the individuals at college financial aid offices that they are there to help students and not to be rude and uncaring.

Was it For Nothing?

My daughter is due to start her Junior year in college very soon. Since I am no where near being rich or financially secure, financial aid is a God-send. Last year she had a rough time in some of her classes, and was put on Academic Probation for the next semester, which was Spring of this year. She appealed the decision, but was denied. I won't mention the university she attends, but she took it in stride and went to a Community college to take those classes over and build up her GPA. Needless to say as she's trying to get back into the university in question, she's being denied financial assistance again. The credits she accumulated at the Community college will not go towards helping her GPA. Whomever told her at the university it would help was wrong; it will only go towards her credits.

She Justs Wants to Go to School

So, my daughter just wants to get back into the university; back to school. Why is it when there is a child that wants to go to school, she can't? There are so many children that could care less about college or any school, but my daughter wants to get an education, wants to go to school yet can't. She is trying so hard to get the aid she needs to go to school because without the assistance, it's virtually impossible to attend. The problem I am having mainly is the way she's being treated by the Financial Aid Office at this university. It's great that she was accepted back into the school after the probation, but not so great if she can't go because of finances. She works hard, has her own car, and trying to get a college education at the same time.

It's How You Say It

Being denied the assistance is hard in itself to hear, but how it's told matters, as well. No one should be talked to as if they are a child unless they are a child. My daughter is 20. She has found out that a lot of the information she was told was incorrect. She was told to appeal the financial aid denial and she does, but the supervisor could have cared less about her situation. If this is the case, why bother with the appeal? What is wrong with the people that work in financial aid offices at colleges? Is it their money, and they're keeping it for themselves? They have been so rude to my daughter that she basically wants to give up on everything. How can anyone in the position to aid people, break their spirit without a thought? They are there to help; plain and simple. They are not there to judge and blow people off as they did her.

What Does "Aid" Really Mean?

If they aren't there to assist the students, what are they there for? I write about this from my daughter's standpoint, but I went to the same college in question. I know exactly what she's talking about because I went through it. I can understand that students are constantly going back and forth into their offices, but that doesn't give them the right to discourage any of those students. I feel as if I should make an official complaint to the university about the practices in their financial department. It's just unfair that children that want to go to school get denied, and are thrown to the side as if they are a piece of trash. I thought the "aid" in financial aid meant to help, assist, encourage, etc. I believe it's just a front because once you sit in one of their offices, talk with them at the service desk, or speak with them on the phone, you will quickly realize that none of them have your best interest in mind and none of them want to be bothered with your child's needs. As a mother, I want to stand it and give them a piece of my mind, but she's a grown woman. It's up to her, but I still give advice.
The person my daughter spoke with last time was the supervisor, and apparently the last one that could change things. Regardless of how many people tell you that the buck stops with them, there is always someone above them. I find myself going over some people's heads when I am unsatisfied with service or conditions. It upsets them, but the ball gets rolling when the person over their head gets a complaint via letter or phone call. She apparently talked with someone at the school whom steered her in a direction to someone else that could give her alternatives in the situation. I'm praying that this person will at least be cordial to her or I may have to play the mother hen card, and swoop in to protect my little chick.
You try to teach your children how important a college education is, and there are so many people in the celebrity spotlight that advocate the importance of having a good education. But no one concentrates on how that education is going to be paid for. The middle class and low income families want their children to have the same opportunity
to go to school as the upper class does. The middle and low class also realize that a little help paying for that education is needed since the upper class are the only ones that can afford it. So what does the "aid" in financial aid mean if those that desperately need the aid can't get it? Isn't the program set up to help those that need it to pay for college? I think the government (Dept of Ed.) should know how some college students are being treated at financial aid offices. It becomes a more difficult process to deal with when the associates at the financial aid office show that they don't care, and often have the demeanor of caring less in the way they talk to those seeking aid. The way the associates speak to students and even the parents is unacceptable from a place that's suppose to be there to help. It's how you say it.


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author avatar Phyl Campbell
23rd Aug 2013 (#)

College is tough. I know I was very lucky to have full financial aid. I wonder if your daughter has looked into the Americorps program(s) in her area? These are paid volunteer positions providing national service in the state or community, and provide money for college. There is a lot of paperwork, but if your daughter is struggling to be accepted, the Americorps program(s) can open a lot of doors. Good luck!!

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author avatar Necola Tull
26th Aug 2013 (#)

Thanks a lot. I'll let her know.

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author avatar Retired
2nd Dec 2013 (#)

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