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A mother's job is comprised of many jobs that most kids do not think about. The lack of appreciation of mothers everywhere including my own mother is a problem I hope to correct. It is part testimony of the mistake I made with my mother by not appreciating all the hard work she did just because she was a stay at home mom. This is a tough role that most kids don't realize until they grow up as well.

Moms, Moms, & Mothers

Have you stopped to thank you mom for all she does or have done for you? I remember my mom used to say, “ you won’t understand until you are a mom.” I now realized that was the God honest truth. I am now a mother of a 2 year old and expecting my second child in seven days and I know that I have the same worries she had : are my kids safe playing outside, am I teaching them enough, are they eating enough of the right foods, and how to deal with a picky eater. I was her picky eater and now my son is mine.

The role of mom is so diverse and being a stay-at -home mom is more so privilege and luxury now a days than a norm. I am blessed to have this opportunity that my mother also had. Yet, I did not tell her how much I appreciated her until I was in college and later as a adult.

Don’t wait to tell her mom how you feel. I had no idea of what my mother truly did at home. I know she cooked our food, cleaned the house, did our laundry, showed us how to work, watched us play, help us with homework, and tell us stories. But I did not know back then those roles or jobs were just as important as a job on a resume.

If she could have created a resume, it would have such positions as :

1. cook/ baker
2. domestic engineer
3. housekeeper
4. child care provider
5. teacher
6. historian
7. photographer
8. story teller
9. chauffeur
10.purchaser /buyer

She always knew how to take care of us physically and tend to our illnesses with holistic remedies she learned growing up in the Philippines. I now look back and wish I would have learned more recipes from her. I wish I could have learned tagalog. We tried but it was never consistant, but it was fun to take notes from mom and practice on the weekends. Mom did the best she could. I hope I am doing just a good a job as she did. It’s truly harder when the kids get older and I know I was pretty easy to deal with just a little bit of differences in perspective and the way we communicated.

No one is perfect. No mother- and-son, or mother-and-daughter relationship goes without its joys and challenges. Just remember everyday is Mother’s Day. Everyday is a day to say “ thank you, I love you, and I appreciate the things you have done.”

Just a thought from a mother who lost her mother and father in her 20’s.


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author avatar Songbird B
25th Mar 2011 (#)

Fleur, this is really lovely, and a great tribute to your mum. I lost mine in my late 30's and that was tough enough.
Thank you for sharing this, and good luck on your new little one who will be entering the world soon....

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author avatar JohnH
4th Apr 2011 (#)

lovely, and well written, keep up the good work.

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