Missing the father I never knew

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Does anyone believe that we can't miss people we haven't known? I believe we can, particularly if it's a mother or a father.

Missing the father I never knew

People say one can´t miss a person or something if we haven´t known or have them. Yet, we can, particularly if it´s someone.
One didn´t probably enjoy days or evenings with this person, but their absence is precisely what makes us feel nostagic.
It was the early 50´s and the war had already ended, leaving many dead, exiled and jailed ones. The country was completely isolated and work was scarce.
On such social and political situation, my father had decided to move on, travelling as a stowaway in a big ship to Argentina to search for better fortune for the four of us. However, he was discovered when at sea and on arriving in the new land, he had to face the Authorities.
For all what I know he didn´t have it easy in what meant to be sort of Promised Land for him, until eventually, he fell ill, not being able to return nor to take us with him to renuite.
For some years, my mother kept correspondance with the lady in charge of the mental hospital where he spent some periods. He also wrote her time and again till his health deteriorate to the extend of not wishing to write anymore.
In the 1992 Autumn, we received an official and brief letter, saying that he had died due to his old age and there is he, resting forever.
People say that one can´t miss a person that one hasn´t known at all, but I do.
for many years, while I was a school girl and a teenager, I missed his presence, especilly in the evenings and I found that that enormous flat was way too big for the three of us.
I wasn´t like my school pals whose fathers arrived late in the evening and they discussed on what the day had been like while they had diner.
My father didn´t knew when I learnt to read and to write at the age of four nor when I took my first journey abroad or I met a first boyfriend...
My father didn´t go to my sister´s wedding nor he knew about his first and only grandson who in many ways is his own image.
If some people think that we can´t miss people if we haven´t met them, they´re wrong. We can miss them for all the good moments we could have had with them, but we didn't.

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