Mind sets

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We all have things in our lives that we have to deal with, and it is how we deal with those situations that either make us or break us. Each and everyday for most is a learning experience, we find different ways to deal with everything that life throws our way.

Mind sets

We all are in our own little corners of the universe, going through our daily routines and trials and happy times, no biggie for some, but yet there are those that actually watch people and think in their own minds "Wow they are so lucky, they have it so easy". But do they? Who is to say that they are not going through the same trials and tribulations that everyone else is, they just have a way of not showing it? And who knows, they may have already been through so much that they are just numb to everything that happens to them now.
As we get older, and as we go through life, we learn to adopt to whatever life throws at us, or at least if we are smart we do. If not, our lives can get pretty miserable and that is no fun at all.
When life throws something at you that you know in your mind that there is no way you can deal with it, handle it, go through it, that is where the "Mind Set" comes in at. You know that there is nothing that you can do to change it, or make it better, or at least you think you cannot anyway. So you learn to adapt.
This came to me all of a sudden when I was told by the Dr's that they were testing me for Cancer just recently. I remember thinking, "Me? Cancer? No, I cannot have cancer!!" When hit with news like that, your mind just goes nuts. My first thought was if I was told that I have cancer, I was not going to let anyone see me go through what I would be facing, so running was an option for me. Second thought was, "Why me? Why now? I am finally happy, life it good, things are looking up, and now it is going to be taken from me? What is wrong with this picture?"
The turning point of my whole thinking process was when I got home from work one day, my boyfriend sat me down and told me just how much he loves me, and asked me to marry him not even knowing the outcome, telling me that I was not going to go through this alone, that he would be with me every step of the way. The only thing I could do at that point was cry, there is no way I could have cancer, and leave him, leave my family, leave my friends.
Then the thought process changed again. But, what if? Ok, if the tests come back positive, ok, that means that I am not going to be here on this earth for an extended amount of time and with all the heartache, trials and tribulations of the world, and the government, I will not have to face what is to come, so at that point I felt lucky, but at the same time, I felt badly for everyone that is going to have to deal with the failing economy and what it dishes out.
The test results came back, I do not have cancer, I am still getting married, life is still good. But I sit and think just how certain things that happen can set our minds in such a tizzy that it is like a whirlwind that we cannot escape, and how we adopt to what we are facing in our everyday lives. It is just amazing what our minds do, and how much we learn about ourselves in hard times.


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