Menstrual Period and Wedding Day

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Shall one postpone a wedding if she realizes it will fall on her menstrual period? Is it that important a factor in setting a wedding date?

Menstrual Period and Wedding Day

A menstrual cycle under normal circumstances indicates a healthy body and is something to be happy about. But it can also be the worst thing that can happen to a woman if it comes on her wedding day.

As I wonder about how unpleasant it would be to get a period on one's wedding day, I can't help but wonder if women actually do plan their wedding dates based on their menstrual cycles.

On the other hand, menstrual cycles are never stable and to most women it would be difficult to plan their wedding dates based on their menstrual periods. This means that the whole thing will most likely be left to chance.

If one is lucky to be one of those few with stable cycles, how easy is it to ask the husband to be when the two are setting up their wedding date, how does a woman ask the man not to pick a certain date because she will be on her period? What if by other factors like family members’ availability, available leave days etc, the date the husband to be is suggesting is the only possible date within that time period.

Shall one postpone a wedding if she realizes it will fall on her menstrual period? Is it that important a factor in setting a wedding date?

A wedding day has to be really special, one that the couple enjoys fully. Although many types of sicknesses may occur, a menstrual period is not a bad "illness" to catch but it's one of the most annoying, coming after the cold/flu.

What if it is accidental, like the menstrual periods that are accelerated by anxiety and excitement, how do you handle it? How does a woman prepare for a period that may start without notice due to the spikes on hormones from the wedding excitement?

These are questions that one must ask herself just so she's prepared should the period start on the day. It wouldn't harm wearing a pad/tampon as a precaution, nothing will embarrass a bride should she start her period in front of people, say at the altar, and she's caught unprepared.

And what happens to the honeymoon? That one for sure is to be left for newlyweds to be creative enough and try to enjoy their honeymoon irrespective of the menstrual period.


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author avatar Djbrat
22nd Mar 2013 (#)

Wow, I often wondered about this myself. It would be horrible. Thankfully I bypassed mine when my Wedding Day came along ♥

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author avatar Abbie King
22nd Mar 2013 (#)

Lucky you Djbrat, I've seen an embarrassing moment of a bride having an unexpected period, thankfully the one I saw did not happen at the church but rather when the bride and groom was at the reception in their house, the bride had to be quickly escorted to the bathroom and she could not continue wearing her wedding dress

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