Men love cars more than they love women these days!

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Women were the darlings for men everywhere for centuries and centuries. Not any more. Men are caring more for cars than women these days. Read the following article if you do not believe this!

Why are men so fascinated by Cars these days! what drives them for the latest models?

A research conducted in U.K. Iway back in 2003 had revealed that it was men who derived measurable increase in self esteem from the cars that they owned. Men became more sorted indicating psychological benefits too. A more recent study in Spain undertaken by a popular car Magazine suggested that men found modern day cars as his “home” where he could relax, relate and enjoy within his space -and can travel wherever, whenever giving him a sense of fulfillment.

I was eavesdropping on a group of high school lads in their gym some weeks ago. A green BMW X5 had just pulled up in the parking area. The driver, a cute and elegantly dressed intransigent lady, alighted and walked past us to the counter. Our lustful gazes went after her. We admired her for a moment and turned off almost simultaneously to look at her car parked a little distance away from us.

Glancing at the faces of his teammates, one of the boys said, “If there were a choice to make between that lady and her car, I would choose her. She’s just too immaculate for a beauty.” Two other boys scolded him, “Are you out of your senses, Joe? How can you prefer a woman to such a big car?” Yet two others intervened, “Joe’s right. She’s the cutest of babes”. They had a long discourse.

The raw facts they exchanged intrigued and motivated me to research whether men truly love cars more than women or vice versa.

At first, it sounds absurd that women stand a comparison with cars in the priorities of men. But with much deliberation, men begin to realize that their heart is mostly being shared by these two products of vying values – women and cars. Both have close similarities hence they capably sneak into men’s ranking of preference.

A car’s primary usefulness is movement – leaving home for workplace and back. But men also visit their women – girlfriends, mistresses etc; in their cars, and travel in their company to beaches, hotels, theatres, restaurants, nightclubs; at weekends or on vacations. So, cars don’t move because of job duties alone, they move also because of women. “Not all” says Mike Neilsson studying Hotel management in London. “We boys like to go on long night drives with booze and music for company. Many of the women would not like to join us in a joint ride to nowhere -which all boy’s teams would not think twice about going”

In all, a majority of the men folk prefers a nice car to a pretty woman. “Cars will lure women to us, but women can’t bring us cars.” Some men disclosed. And evidently, some girls say they would give audience to any man on the steering of a costly car who pulls up to accost them, other than a mere pedestrian.

Therefore, which of the love is sincere enough to be learnt – the love of cars or the love of women, or both?

Dr A. Mukherjee, a psychologist with Kolkata Medical college and hospital in India says “For men, the car is quite literally an extension of his body. In terms of human advancement, the combination of human and technology is the next evolutionary step. Men have always been fascinated by physical prowess- it’s something that society has always rewarded. IF YOU RAN FAST AND WERE GOOD LOOKING IT AFFORDED YOU SOCIAL STATUS AND PRIVILEGES. The same now applies if you have a fast, good looking and expensive car” Dr Mukhrjee then adds “Inside the car a man feels physically powerful and he is prepared to be aggressive. It takes a high level of psychological functioning to re-interpret these feelings. He wants to remind you that don’t touch me on my car”

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I have listed here 14 best reasons provided to me by the research team working on getting me inputs for the dialogue “Why men prefer cars to women” They are as follows:-

1. Cars have warning lights when something is wrong. Girls become monosyllabic and walk faster.

2. You can dress up your car the way you want.

3. A car is more straightforward to lubricate.

4. Cars will never tell you to dress up if you’re going out with a group in the evening.

5. When the car’s speaker is loud, you can lower the volume. Or mute it!

6. Cars don’t ask you if they look fat.

7. Cars don’t ask why you haven’t introduced them to your mother.

8. Cars don’t need to go to the restroom together and compare notes.

9. It’s less expensive to upgrade a car’s bumpers.

10. Cars are more likely to get along with your male buddies.

11. You can love two cars at the same time and nobody will think you’re a jerk.

12. Cars don’t ask you where ‘this’ is going. They go where you point the steering wheel.

13. Cars don’t feel insecure about the car you had before them.

14. Cars don’t give you hell for looking at other cars.

Car tend to become a women’s biggest rival in the relationship. Loneliness, resentment, loss of personal self esteem, jealously becomes ten times more magnified than it would in a normal relationship with men whose career and lifestyle doesn’t revolve around cars. And even women in normal relationships have their share of competition with car. Don’t slam the door!


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author avatar James R. Coffey
4th Jun 2011 (#)

Before it was cars it was horses. Not really sure when this was true: Women were the darlings for men everywhere for centuries and centuries.

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author avatar Lila Bangsawan
4th Jun 2011 (#)

Wooow....women will hate you because of your writing, Mahesh.I don't think you can share your problem with a car, do you? Thanks anyway.

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author avatar Retired
20th Jan 2013 (#)

live in love

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