Memories of My Second Grade Teacher

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This is a true story of a embarrassing event in my life which I believe affected me deeply.

The Accident

I felt a small stream of urine trickled down my leg as it formed a puddle on the floor. Nothing is more humiliating than being in second grade and having an accident in front of your whole class. The teacher was yelling at me as everybody was staring at me and laughing. I don't remember how I made it through the rest of that day. Getting me as cleaned up as best as possible, she asked me sternly, “Why didn't you go to the bathroom when you needed too?” I felt two feet tall and she didn't act as if she cared about my predicament. I didn't normally have accidents. Around her I felt stupid, like I didn't have any worth.
For the purpose of this story, I'll call that teacher Mrs. Davis. Mrs. Davis always found ways to put me down; by criticizing my reading skills. I was in low level studies and she made it clear to me that I was stupid, or so it seemed. To this day, I don't understand why she didn't seem to like me. This incident has stuck with me like glue and I never wanted it to happen again.
One day the fire alarm went off. Mrs. Davis told us it was a drill. She told us that we were to file out quickly, but quietly in an organized line. While all the kids were walking outside, I realized I had to pee really bad. I made a dash to the bathroom and went. When I finally made it outside to where our class had lined up, she yelled at me again, “Where did you go?”
My stomach was in a knot as I told her, “I had to go to the bathroom. You said to go if I had to.”
“Not during a fire drill. If there had been a real fire you could have died. I'd rather you pee your pants,” she told me crossly.
I knew it had been a drill though and I was confused to say the least. Couldn't I do anything right in her eyes? She made me feel like I was less than nothing. A nobody. I couldn't understand why my teacher treated me like that and even seemed to belittle of me in front of the other kids. I remembered my kindergarten and first grade teachers as nice, but this year was something different. I will never forget her real name as long as I live. I cannot recall the names of all my teachers. The exceptions being a couple of very bad and good teachers. She was one of the bad ones. The worst of the worst.
All these things made me realize though how one person in your life, whether good or bad can affect you for the rest of your life. Up until I was about 13 or 14, I had issues with occasionally wetting myself. Even now, It's embarrassing for me to think about. Back then, whenever I giggled or became excited I would have an accident. This is a most embarrassing thing for a child and should not be shamed for it. I know there are a lot of good teachers out there. I even remember in later years Mrs. Davis being nice to me in later years as if these events had never happened.
Somehow, I doubt she had any idea how she had affected my life by this event, but I am writing these things now to put those times in my life to rest and try to forgive. I can't help but look back on those events with shame but now that I know God, I'm sure He was there with me during that difficult time and many others I've had.


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My husband and I will be writing various articles, devotionals, storys with our own viewpoints for the purpose of uplifting the spirit.

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author avatar PSRemeshChandra
17th Jun 2013 (#)

Though these writers are newcomers to Wikinut, they are not new newcomers to life. They are experienced in life and in story-telling too. I appreciate their writing and enjoyed it too. It was a treat, unusual and hearty. Best wishes for their excellent writing career. I am waiting to see more articles of this kind.

We all have vivid memories of our teachers, especially ardent remembrances of those teachers who taught us, scolded us and inspired us in our very young years. Our first memories of our boyhood or girlhood would be our father and mother carrying us to school and giving us to a smiling teacher. Whatever sour things our teacher did to us then at school should normally become the sweetness of our fruits in advanced life. But as the writers sadly reminisce, a few things will not go away from our lives, remaining there always as a reminder of how unjust a few had been to us in our life. Dr. Johnson in his famous biography written by James Boswell remembers his tiny class teacher Ms. Dame Oliver, whose presence, he says, was as a present of ginger bread to him, sour and strong to palate, but soothing and lasting in effect. We will hope, we all had such teachers in our young years to mould our little minds.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
17th Jun 2013 (#)

I can relate with your experience. I remember one teacher who used to pick on me to the amusement of my classmates - siva

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
17th Jun 2013 (#)

I too as my teacher once talked about someone in class who did not put spaces between her words and then she pointed at me and I could have died on the spot...thanks for this..

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author avatar Dan and Debbie
18th Jun 2013 (#)

I really appreciate your comments. Thank you:)

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