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The Holy Spirit is foundational to our faith, but so few of us really know anything about Him, so just who is this Holy Spirit? We must learn who He is before we can introduce Him to others.


John 16:13

New American Standard Bible (NASB)

13 But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth; for He will not speak on His own initiative, but whatever He hears, He will speak; and He will disclose to you what is to come.

The pastor of a hugely successful community church was called upon to introduce his childhood friend who had come to the church to preach a revival service. In trying to decide what he would say to introduce the man that he had known nearly all his life he decided he would begin by thinking about the times they spent together as youth. After reflecting on their childhood together he pieced together this introduction:

Today we are going to begin a revival that we hope will spread throughout our community! Many people ask what how does a church become successful, and spark change in the community and I always tell them that a church needs to be like a train. Trains start on time, and we start on time. Trains are reliable, and we are reliable. Trains start with a jerk, and let me introduce you to Bob Smith…..

Introductions are difficult. In fact many public speakers find introductions to be one of the hardest forms of public speaking to master. They are, however, extremely important. A good introduction can often mean the difference between the success of a speech, or its abject failure.

Imagine that you are called on to introduce someone, but you really don’t know a whole lot about them. Imagine that this person is someone you have known about for a long time, and you have witnessed his achievements throughout your life, but you simply don’t know how to describe him. You could tell a lot of stories about the things this guest has done, but you really don’t know anything about him as a person.

Now imagine that person is the Holy Spirit! How do you introduce the Holy Spirit to those who don’t know Him, or to those who don’t understand who He is, or what He does? Jesus introduced the Holy Spirit to a group of believers who had no experience directly with God’s Spirit. He used these words: “But when He, the Spirit of truth, comes, He will guide you into all the truth; for He will not speak on His own initiative, but whatever He hears, He will speak; and He will disclose to you what is to come.” (John 16;13, NASB)

The Holy Spirit is foundational to our faith, but so few of us really know anything about Him, so just who is this Holy Spirit? We must learn who He is before we can introduce Him to others.

He Is All Powerful

He Is All Powerful

In the beginning, when God created the universe, the earth was formless and desolate. The raging ocean that covered everything was engulfed in total darkness, and the Spirit of God
was moving over the water. (Genesis 1:1-2, Good News Translation)

What a powerful statement describing the act of creation, and ascribing that creation to God’s Spirit moving over the void. Power, creation power, is the distinct prerogative of God. It is distinctly His. He is God, and it is His alone. If God delegates some power to His creation, it is still His power to wield.

The power of the Holy Spirit is demonstrated in the continued acts of creation from the very beginning of the creation of the world. In the beginning our earth was formless and empty, but through the power of creation, demonstrated by God’s Spirit it became something much more.

Sometime back the Associated Press carried this dispatch: “Glasgow, Ky.–Leslie Puckett, after struggling to start his car, lifted the hood and discovered that someone had stolen the motor.” Without the Holy Spirit’s power we are like that car without its engine.

The part of God’s triune nature that we refer to as the Holy Spirit just simply “was there”. His presence came upon the void with no warning, and little fanfare. He simply showed up, and did His job. And what a job it was! God’s Spirit took the shapeless void that was literally nothing and fashioned a whole world out of it, set it into motion, and created the foundational start of all of life.

The Holy Spirit drew life out of the chaos of the earth and created light and order. What an overwhelming display of the tremendous power of God!

One New Year’s Day, in the Tournament of Roses parade, a beautiful float suddenly sputtered and quit. It was out of gas. The whole parade was held up until someone could get a can of gas. The amusing thing was this float represented the Standard Oil Company. With its vast oil resources, its truck was out of gas.

Often, Christians neglect their spiritual maintenance, and though they are “clothed with power” (Luke 24:49) find themselves out of gas.

The Holy Spirit lives inside the Christian and guides the actions of those who desire His presence. The Spirit empowers the believer to step outside his comfort zone to do extraordinary acts of faith for God. Being filled with the Spirit involves transforming our minds to the mind of Christ19 as we engage in spiritual activities. Walking in the Spirit leads to a sense of peace and joy, as we partner with God in His glorious plans. Violating our conscience through acts of disobedience lead to a loss of filling by the Holy Spirit, which takes away our joy and peace. Although God will not take the Holy Spirit away from a disciple of Jesus Christ, the continual practice of sin and a lack of spiritual activities will lead to a life that is no different than the life of a non-believer.

He Is All Wise

He Is All Wise

Not only is the Holy Spirit all powerful, He is also all wise.

10 Now God has revealed them to us by the Spirit, for the Spirit searches everything, even the deep things of God. 11 For who among men knows the concerns of a man except the spirit of the man that is in him? In the same way, no one knows the concerns of God except the Spirit of God. (1 Corinthians 2:10-11, HCSB)

A small storeowner was being pressured to sell his store to the owners of a large department store who had bought every building on the block, except his. Frustrated by the man’s refusal to sell, they eventually opened their huge store on either side of the small one, with a big banner running from one side to the other, proclaiming in huge letters “GRAND OPENING.”

Feeling equally frustrated, the small storeowner did finally outsmart the large department store. Below the grand opening sign, across the front of his small store, the man put up a small banner over his door: “MAIN ENTRANCE.”

Now that was very wise and shrewd business move. Wisdom is one of the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit enumerated in Isaiah 11:2-3. They are present in their fullness in Jesus Christ, Whom Isaiah foretold (Isaiah 11:1), but they are available to all Christians who are in a state of grace.

God’s Spirit embodies, as does all the members of the Trinity, the wisdom of all the ages. According to the scripture, the Holy Spirit knows even the deep things of God. What that means for us, is there is literally nothing that God’s Spirit doesn’t know. Therefore it stands to reason that if we are following the guidance of the Holy Spirit, then His wisdom will be imparted to us.

The Holy Spirit is not an “it”, or a “thing”, but instead is a “He”. All references to God’s Spirit in scripture use a definite personal pronoun to describe Him. As a person, He behaves as a person, and has personality characteristics as a person, including the capacity to display intellect. Knowing the deepest recesses of God’s knowledge give Him a unique ability to teach us.

One of the most important prerequisites of a teacher should be familiarity with the subject being taught. That means the P. E. Coach might not be the best instructor for the Physics class! When the Holy Spirit is the instructor we have the advantage of someone who knows the very mind of God. The Holy Spirit opens our minds to a greater understanding of scripture and how we can apply it to our daily life. He is our own private tutor that helps us to understand the will of God every day.

He Is Everywhere

He Is Everywhere!

7 Where can I go to escape Your Spirit?
Where can I flee from Your presence?

8 If I go up to heaven, You are there;
if I make my bed in Sheol, You are there.

9 If I live at the eastern horizon
settle at the western limits,

10 even there Your hand will lead me;
Your right hand will hold on to me.

(Psalm 139:7-10, HCSB)

As a burglar was going through a condo, he came across a parrot, and the parrot said, “God is watching you.” The burglar just ignored it.

The parrot said, more loudly this time, “God is watching you, and jesus is coming!”

The burglar asked the parrot, “If you’re so smart, then what’s your name?”

The parrot replied, “Moses.”

“What kind of moron names a parrot Moses?” laughed the burglar.

The parrot replied, “The same fool who named his two pit bulls God and Jesus!”

God’s Spirit is everywhere we are! George Orwell wrote a book titled “1984″ in which he described a totalitarian government that maintains constant surveillance on the populace. This book coined a new phrase, “Big Brother is watching”. That’s not far from the truth today in 2011. Surveillance cameras are everywhere, in the bank, at the store, on the corner, and virtually everywhere else you go. The unflinching eye of the camera records most of our daily movements, and there really is no telling what is done with some of the footage.

In this psalm we learn that God’s Spirit observes us everywhere we go and is sensitive to our every thought and action. The difference is that God’s Spirit isn’t cold and impersonal, He is warm and inviting. We, as God’s children are constantly enveloped in the loving embrace of our heavenly father through the touch of His Spirit.

When we try to run, God runs alongside of us. When we try to hide, He waits and coaxes us out. God never stops caring for His children. God’s light, love, and peace may not always be visible on the outside of believers, but inside of them you canl find a peace that passes all understanding. The internal life of Christians is one aspect of the Christian faith many non-Christians do not see and do not understand. As Christians, we are able to praise God for His greatness, kindness, and compassion even when we are hurting. In addition, when we praise God in our pain, our hope is increased because God loves us so much He will not leave us to suffer without coming to our aid or assistance in our time of tribulation.



Sometimes we miss out on the blessings of God because we are caught up in our own snare of guilt, unbelief, and hopelessness. This should never be the habitual abode of a believer. We need to always remember that God came into the world through His Spirit in order to provide for us a constant source of encouragement and strength that allows us to make it through any predicament that life throws at us.

The Holy Spirit is all powerful, all wise, and is always there. He is our greatest ally when we stand against the world!


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