Medicinal values of clove

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An analysis of clove shown it contain protein, fat, carbohydrates and minerals.

Clove as medicine

Known as lavanga, clove is an aromatic spice used in most of the Indian homes. Though a native of South-East Asia, clove is so much embedded in Indian culture that apart from its cookery or medicinal use, it forms an essential part of the ritual offerings made to the GODS since time immemorial.

An analysis of clove shown it contain protein, fat, carbohydrates and minerals. The clove buds, on steam distillation, yield a volatile oil.

Clove stimulates various body organs like the salivary glands, the skin, the liver, the heart and the kidneys. Clove oil contains ingredients that help stabilize blood circulation and regulate body temperature.

Clove is a widely used drug in Ayurveda. It cures indigestion, loss of appetite, excessive thirst and vomiting. It checks tooth decay and counters bad breath. It is also prescribed in hyper acidity and gastritis. Clove is used in chronic cough, bronchitis and hiccup.

Clove forms an essential part of the household kit to treat many ailments. Here are a few tips:

Taking half a gram of the powder of fried cloves in a teaspoonful of honey boosts the digestive function. The decoction of clove is also a good digestive spice and is given to persons after the ritual fasting.

The use of clove in toothache is a common practice. In tooth decay or cavity, the application of clove oil not only relieves the pain, due to its mild antibacterial properties, it also fights infection. It is a commonly used ingredient of mouth fresheners.

Clove oil though a skin irritant, is mixed with other oils which are applied to relieve joint pains, sprains and other soft tissues and bone injuries.

Many classic Ayurvedic medicines contain cloves as an important ingredient. The average daily dose of the clove powder is 1 gm whereas of its oil it is one to three drops. Prolonged use may cause inflammation and ulceration of the tongue and the mucous membrane of the mouth cavity.


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author avatar Buzz
30th Oct 2011 (#)

Informative medicinal properties of clove. Thanks for sharing, jaya my dear.

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author avatar Delicia Powers
31st Oct 2011 (#)

Great article... I love to simmer clove and orange peel on my stove during the fall and winter months, it fills the house with warmth and memories:0)

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author avatar Funom Makama
1st Nov 2011 (#)

What a magical plant... The clove!~~ I need to do more search on this plant. As a 5th year Medical doctor, I really want to combine westernize medicine and the natural medicine of Africa, china and India, cos it seems to me that some of the natural herbs from these regions seem to work best for some certain diseases... This is a treasured infomation jayababy and I really appreciate it.

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author avatar Tranquilpen
8th Nov 2011 (#)

Great share thank you Jayababy,
I use cloves for lots of stuff.

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