Medications and Humorous Mistaken identity

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I was diagnosed with RA and began treatment. Relatives and Friends were told. One friend did not know I had a twin brother. She found I did unexpectedly.


We live in a world filled with medications to treat about every known illness or condition. Some medications are used for short-term illnesses, others for life-threatening conditions. We may take antibiotics for as few as 5 days, and others, immunosuppressant drugs, a lifetime. If we review the Physician’s Desk Reference we learn all the indications (conditions a medication will treat) or contraindications (side effects) of each medication.

Medications and pharmacuetical research.

Since medications affect each person differently, pharmaceutical companies give a medication to a group of individuals with the same condition and monitor the patient’s response to the drug. Of 100 participants in a drug trial, three may report upset stomach, two may report diarrhea, one may report a skin irritation, and another, problems with memory.

My RA Diagnosis

In May 2004 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. It was three months before I could see a Rheumatologist. He prescribed methotrexate, folic acid, and other medications for the condition. I was advised that it would take 12 weeks before the medications would begin to bring the condition under control. (I am an identical twin, and a mustache and 15 pounds had been the only differences between the two of us.)

My twin brother

I advised my twin brother (Glenn) of the condition, and what I was enduring; discomfort in my feet and knees which made walking very painful. I also experienced rapid weight loss as a result of the condition. Glenn planned a visit, wondering if he could help me, as the weight loss included a loss of physical strength.

My weight loss resulted in weighing about the same as my twin.

Telling my friends about the RA

I told close friends about the diagnosis, as the weight loss was evident and some were afraid I might have cancer or be dying of some other malady. One friend, a member of the church, Doris, was a Registered Nurse. I had known her for years and watched her daughter grow from birth to being a teenager. Because of her work schedule, I only saw Doris about once a month.

My Twin Meets a friend.

When Glenn was able to visit from Tennessee he attended church with me and my family. He entered the sanctuary while I went to hang up my coat. Doris, my friend the nurse, saw Glenn, and greeted him, “Hi, How are you doing?” He replied, “Fine, what’s your name?” I was entering the sanctuary at that moment and saw the look of bewilderment on Doris’ face.

An Explanation and Understanding

As I approached, I then saw a look of confusion on Doris' face as she saw me approach. I introduced Glenn to Doris. Doris’ expression went from shock to confusion to relief. You said you were beginning treatment for your RA," replied Doris, "but I’ve never known anyone to experience memory loss from those medications.”

I was glad I was able to quickly relieve Doris’ confusion about the question, “…What’s your name?”


Mistaken Identity, Rheumatiod Arthritis

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