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Media Photographers were directly responsible for the death of Princess Diana. We, the people did not do. Now they are after children. Celebrity's children. We must get a law passed to stop their aggressive behavior toward celebrities and their children otherwise they will wind up killing another celebrity or possibly their children.

A Celebrity Has A Life

Just because a celebrity is a celebrity doesn't give media personnel leave to accost people who are news worthy people such as athletes or actors and stars. Celebrities have families and these children are precious to them and these crude men and women who chase, insult, and threaten these children of celebrities or the celebrities themselves is truly breaking the law. People should not have to put up with this behavior. It is outrageous and in the end it will get someone killed again, just like it did Princess Diana.

There Should Be A Law Against Harassment Of People And Their Children

These Photographers torment, alarm, and terrorize these children in their picture taking process and should be forced to be liable for fines and jail time for their crimes against invasion of privacy. California Senate Bill SB606, if passed, will make them liable for their actions against these children of celebrities.

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Some Points To Make

Photographers stalk these celebrities and make it hard for them to live normal lives, but the children of these celebrities are not celebrities and its virtually impossible for these children not to have psychological damage done to them. Jennifer Garner testified that its typical for at least 15 cars of photographers to gather at a celebrity stars home and these large, aggressive men swarm around her children, yelling, jockeying for positions causing a mob scene to develop and scaring her three children half to death. Some gathered around Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri. calling her Brat and being thoroughly rude and obnoxious to these little children.

For The Children

This type of behavior is criminal and shouldn't be tolerated in today's society. The effect and extend of media behavior has become intolerable for children. These children don't understand this type of behavior and will and could be lastingly damaged psychologically by this attitude. Have you thought of the damage to their little minds? Do you care?

Media Take Out

I say if these media photographers want photographs of these celebrities and their children they should schedule a time to be photographed, preferably at a distance, with their children. Halle Berry said her child was truly terrified of these people, who told her she might not ever see her father again. Law makers should crack down on these paparazzi especially for the children. They have no right to harass children in this fashion and should be severely restricted when it comes to these kids. Better yet they should not be able to approach a celebrity with a child with them.

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
15th Aug 2013 (#)

Sadly there will always be this mentality while the media is looking for a quick buck , and that means targeting whoever to them is newsworthy , even children of the rich and famous ,or infamous .While we have newspapers etc there will be no end to this harassment .
Bless you Rose
Stella ><

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
15th Aug 2013 (#)

I guess this is what comes with fame and fortune...great piece my friend...

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author avatar Carol
16th Aug 2013 (#)

Yes it's a price that celebrities have to pay, sadly

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author avatar Mariah
17th Aug 2013 (#)

The paps don't consider the invasive method they use to make their money, it's a brutal business Rose, Diana was hounded by them constantly which was so cruel at times.

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author avatar Trillionaire
24th Aug 2013 (#)

Fame is something.

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