Maternal Instinct and Maternal Bonding

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Short article on maternal instinct and maternal bonding.

Maternal Instinct and Maternal Bonding

People has often talked about maternal instinct and maternal bond but what exactly are they and how are they being developed?

“An inborn tendency to want to protect and nurture one’s offspring.” – Elyse Rubenstein

A Philadelphia psychiatrist, Elyse Rubenstein, defines maternal instinct as an attitude of mind of wanting to protect and bring up a child. Maternal instinct occurs because of a chemical that is released from our brain, Oxytocin. According to the article, Which Brain Chemicals Underlie the Experience of Romantic Love, Oxytocin promotes feelings in relationships and is also well known for enhancing maternal instinct. Which goes to show that maternal instinct exist in our bodies and will only manifest when we start to build a relationship with a person or object but the time for maternal instinct to kick in varies for different people. Maternal instinct kicks in when oxytocin is secreted from our brain and is responsible for creating bond between mother and child which means maternal instinct is the fundamental of maternal bonding. And so, what is maternal bonding?

“”Maternal-infant bonding” means the development of the core relationship between mother and child. The bonding process occurs in both infant and mother and has tremendous implications for the child’s future development.”.
- Miriam R. Spinner

Maternal bonding is a process that begins in the early stage of child development and continues over the years. This special bond will also have a strong implications on the child’s future.

“It seems likely that early attachment to one or a few close relatives holds great portent for a person’s overall relational abilities. Attachment predicts the ability to relate to many others, to establish trust, to form and retain friendships, and to engage in mutually satisfying emotional and physical relationships.” – John Bowlby

And according to John Bowlby, early attachment in a child’s life will show signs of his relational skills in the future. If this bond is not properly developed and nurture, it is going to affect him greatly in the future. He will not be able to trust a person easily and therefore, he is then not able to establish good relationships be it emotionally or physically. Maternal instinct is required for maternal bonding to be developed because if a mother does not have maternal instinct, she will not feel the need to protect the child. When this happens, the child’s basic needs will not be satisfied and according to Bowlby’s theory, the bond between the mother and child will not be developed.


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author avatar Denise O
22nd Jan 2012 (#)

Mother and child bonding is very important. Also bonding with other family members. This makes for a secure child. Thank you for sharing.:)

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