Material Wealth, Pleasure and Happiness

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Money has potential to be misused, used to buy more money, or to buy happiness. The first option brings in miseries, second provides momentary pleasures couple with many anxieties of life, while the third one brings in flowers of both - the happiness and pleasures, to the life stream.

Material Wealth

Getting money through work, manipulation or exploitation of others, and then using it to purchase material wealth is the most commonly found practice by the humans. The purpose of this exercise is stated to have a secured present and future, status in the society and hence the happiness in life. In reality, It proves to be a highly misconceived notion, Material wealth in possession of some one gives him a sense of insecurity for the fear of its being taken away by somebody else, in the ways it has been acquired. So the person remains vigilant for this sense of insecurity and hence worried.

Yes, the modern society for its disorientation in thinking provides a high status to the person in possession of the material wealth. But there are examples when this status has been denied. An emperor of India sent his emissary to call a poet of his times to the court, but the poet refused to oblige the emperor saying that he has no business with the emperor. Ultimately, the emperor himself went to meet the poet. Such examples have always been there in human history proving that intellectual wealth is superior to material wealth.

Pleasure and Happiness

Often people fail to distinguish between pleasure and happiness, and use these words for each other as synonyms. Pleasure is a temporal phenomenon, spurred by an external factor, in the mind of the person. It vanishes with a change of circumstance or mental involvement of the person. Happiness is long-lasting, if not permanent, feeling of the person arising from within, for the peace of mind and contentment he/she has. External factors may affect this feeling, if at all, for a short duration only.

Physical comforts, sexual enjoyment, getting tasty foods, wearing costly clothes, living in a palatial house, etc. are causes of pleasures, but not of happiness. Material wealth is capable of providing such pleasures, but additionally brings in some anxieties, physical diseases, and a sense of insecurity.

Let us see, how does it work? A person having a lot of physical comforts due to his/her material possessions, spoils his/her physique by feeding it heavily and taking no work from it. This makes the body sick and useless for a blissful life. The sexual enjoyments, money can buy, comes with risk of AIDS infection. Primary role of food is to provide nutrition to the body, and this comes from natural ingredients of it. Undesirable fat amount and spices in the food enhance food taste, and the caterers use this technique to attract their customers Like this, all the comforts and conveniences, the wealth buys, have potential of being detrimental to long-lasting happiness, but provide momentary pleasures only.

A factor for happiness has the potential of buying momentary pleasures, but no amount of pleasures can buy happiness for a person. Secondly, real pleasures are naturally included in happiness but the reverse is not true. This highlights the fact that one must focus on happiness, pleasures shall be there in life naturally.

Purpose of Income

Having a regular flow of income is always desirable for each of us to survive independently and without much of anxieties. People work basically with this objective. This income may be used in two ways - to buy wealth, or to buy happiness. With modern bend of mind of a majority, both are considered good uses of money. Apart from these, there are many misuses, the money could have Wealth comes with momentary pleasures of life, but may corrupt the lifestyle and take it far away from happiness. Buying happiness from income means having home-made simple but nutritious meals, wearing clean clothes, having a well-ventilated home to live in, educating children with homely care, some recreation to the family at weekends, and saving something for contingencies.

Thus, money may be used to buy more money and other possessions, momentary pleasures of luxuries, or happiness for the whole family. Which one is that, you prefer?

Any income to a family which is not from legitimate sources, provides opportunities for having still more income and/or material possessions, and hence the momentary pleasures, but surely sinks all the family members in an ocean of immorality far away from happiness.

Ingredients of Happiness

Good health of an individual is the prime source of happiness for the person not only at individual level but at social level also. Having freedom with a sense of discipline is the second most important cause of happiness. This provides opportunities for thinking and hence for being creative - the third source of happiness. A sense of having accomplished something important provides pleasure as well as happiness. Discipline and morality are always the essential ingredients of happiness.


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author avatar tootsieharveystories
6th Jul 2011 (#)

Money certainly doesn't make one happy.....

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author avatar Steve Kinsman
7th Jul 2011 (#)

Very good article, Ram Bansal. Thank you for the share.

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author avatar Retired
7th Jul 2011 (#)

Good distinction between pleasure and happiness.

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author avatar Songbird B
7th Jul 2011 (#)

Great article, Ram Bansal, and so relevant to todays society. Good work, and a great share..

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author avatar Spicy
7th Jul 2011 (#)

I liked this article. It is very interesting.

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author avatar MAnature
11th Jul 2011 (#)

I am the poorest rich person I know! :) Thank you for this.

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author avatar MAnature
11th Jul 2011 (#)

No wait that's not correct...... the richest poor person.... lol :) finding the funny is always, all ways good!

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