Maritene smoothie and bad mothers

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Children don't need such drinks with added vitamins, but appetizing, cooked meals.

Maritene smoothie and bad mothers

The video I've watched is a commercial from Nestle company to promote their latest product for children that don't want to eat.
In this commercial, we watch a child at the table with his plate and a big glass of a sort of smoothie that claims it'll help the child to eat. The child pushes the plate aside and says that he doesn't want it and an annoyed mother orders him to have the drink.
An off voice says “If on one day your child tells you that you're a bad mother, it means that you're very good!”
This is it. You are a bad mother if you force your child to swallow this new product from the company, believing what the company claims about the benefits of such a drink.
I wouldn't say that you're a bad mother, but an ignorant one that believes anything that food companies want to throw at us for their own and sole benefits.
On such a situation, I'd sympathize with children.
Any child living in a developed and rich country whose parents can provide for him don't need such stuff with added vitamins.
All what a child needs is a varied diet and portions according to his age.
A child needs vegetables, fruit, fish, meat and dairy produce just like an adult, but he'll need smaller portions than an adult person for obvious reasons.
Unless they eat at school, children should have their meals with everyone in the family. We should never give them the food apart from the rest of the family.
If a mother cooks varied meals everyday, she's giving her kids good food and, therefore, she's a really a good mother.
However, and if a child doesn't want to eat after a mother has cooked a really appetizing meal, all what a mother can do is to tell him “All-right! Don't eat. Go to bed then!”
Thinking that he's to spend the whole night on an empty stomach, the child will go back at the table to eat what the mother has cooked.
No child needs such things, but varied and appetizing meals and portions according to his age.
If a mother gives such drink to her child, the, I have to agree with this child that she's really a bad mother.

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
9th Oct 2015 (#)

Interesting observation Vicky!

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author avatar brendamarie
9th Oct 2015 (#)

great article

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author avatar Jennifer Dombrowski
9th Oct 2015 (#)

My sister lets my nephew eat butter noodles, macaroni and cheese and bacon every single day. I am so mad he won't eat a vegetable. If you suggest he eat a vegetables, well, let's just say you don't to be there.

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author avatar vickylass
10th Oct 2015 (#)

I'm not suggesting anything to anyone. I'm just commenting on the huge business of one of the most poisonous and murderous company. company.

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