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On the surface it may appear that most young people complete their secondary education, whereas in reality many have left school by the end of year ten as they feel that they do not have the skills to undertake universities studies. The truth is there are so many other options after Year 12

Early school leavers

Many young people in our so called affluent society where the completion of secondary education has now become a necessity, tend to consider remaining as school irrelevant and a waste of their time. By the promise of ‘good money’ by the time they reach Year 10, they cannot leave quickly enough to go out to become the ‘the big shot’. The disturbing fact is that the number of students who leave early should cause concern, as slowly but surely this will add to the numbers of welfare recipients.

Reason why students leave

What educators find very frustrating is that they cannot make this particular group of students understand that by attending school up to Year 12 does not necessarily mean that they need to perform only for entrance into universities. The reality is that there are many other forms of education which will give them, not only job satisfaction but also great rewards. For example, all the trade areas are screaming for people to go into a great number of apprenticeships which will train them with full qualification at the end of the course; once qualified employment is almost assured for the rest of their working life, Beside this, for many the financial reward are above these who graduate from universities.

Greater opportunities in other areas of work

One example is the shortage of electricians and plumbers; just to name a few. These two trades with the help of the Unions and employer’s agreement can pay up to $220,000. 00 per year: not a bad wage for a job which only needs three years training with only a small outlay for tools. Admittedly quite often the work is heavy and not a clean one. Also, the hours some time may exceed the regular forty hours, but how many hours per week do doctors have to put in to make the same amount of money? Not only this, but the medical profession is the one which is sued the most by unsatisfied patients.

Catastrophic consequences

The catastrophic consequence of early school leavers is that when they reach the age of eighteen, the employment that lured them out of school, replaces them with younger ‘fodder’ When this happens some of them move on from one low paid job to another while some, unfortunately move to illicit activities which gradually spirals them down the abyss from which they cannot rise out of.
Regardless all the examples presented to students that it really does not take much time and effort to become established and prosperous, the numbers dropping out continue to increase at an alarming rate.


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