Making Use Of Solar Renewable Energy

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The power that we gain from the sun's rays is known as solar renewable energy. Mankind has always used the sun in a variety of ways, and as time progresses, those methods are getting even more diverse. Read on to learn more about solar renewable energy.

Solar Renewable Energy From The Sun

Solar renewable energy is the power that is derived from using the sun's energy. From time immemorial, men have used the sun's power in many different ways. The sun is an infinite source of energy, economical and can never ever be depleted. It is also clean, causes no pollution and the tapping of its energy can save the other non renewable sources from getting depleted. The astonishing fact is that he other renewable energy sources such as wind, water, biomass and ocean waves are all actually derived from the sun.

Solar Renewable Energy Growing Technoogy

Conversion into electricity is one of the predominant technological events in relation to solar alternative energy. The photovoltaic cell (PV) or the concentrated solar power (CSP) carries out this function. Using photoelectric effect the photovoltaic cell or as usually called the solar cell, alters sunlight, by means of solar techniques, into electricity. Passive solar techniques are used for concentrated solar power, though. A large beam of light from the sun is converted into a concentrated light by means of a lens in this technique. The concentrated beam is the chief source of heat for the conventional power plant.

Using Solar Renewable Energy In Everyday Life

The parabolic trough is the most advanced technology that is being used to concentrate light into a beam. Solar panels today, is a means for harvesting. The limitations for the existing technologies and the difficulty in its enhancement paves the way to think about solar alternative energy. Long before solar power was used only for domestic uses like potable water distillation and disinfection, it was used for day lighting and solar cooking. Today, its usage has been extended to solar cars, solar updraft power houses, solar batteries, solar lighting systems and solar satellite systems. Power requirements of many large industries and agriculture are met by huge solar power stations.

Solar Renewable Energy Canada Leading The Way

Samia, Ontario in Canada is the world's largest photovoltaic plant with a capacity of 97 MW. The world's largest hydel power station is the CSP with 354 MW is located in the Mojave Desert in California. Throughout the world there is a great deal of shortage of energy. Solar energy which is another form of alterative energy is also an answer to this problem. Since this energy cannot be harnessed throughout the day, we need satellite disks to ensure power storage. At present, this is an expensive proposition. There is a need for technological improvement to solve this problem so that we can use solar energy more effectively.


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author avatar Pradeep Kumar B
24th May 2012 (#)

We have to depend more on renewable energy sources as the fossil fuel reserves are fast depleting. Thank you for this informative article.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
25th May 2012 (#)

Thanks for sharing a topic that has the potential to alter our lifestyle. Even fossil fuels are derived from the relentless sun, stored over billions of years and we are depleting them as if there is no tomorrow. If only we converted this into a mass product, we need no longer depend on few for our energy needs. Poor countries will benefit as they have baking sun on their backs! siva

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